…I can’t believe you like money too!

Totally out of left field — one of my favorite comedies ever is a cult flick by Mike Judge called Idiocracy. It’s cynical and dark, but absolutely hilarious in my opinion.

Brief synopsis — Average folks Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph sign up for a military hibernation experiment, and wake up 500 years in the future. Mankind has become increasingly stupid with the passage of time, people wear clothes covered in advertising logos, the hottest show on television is called “Ow, My Balls,” the anchor of Fox News is a shirtless bodybuilder, and you can get a law degree at Costco (where the door greeter repeatedly says, “welcome to Costco. I love you.)

I was totally reminded of Idiocracy when I saw the ad for VH1’s new reality series, I Love Money, which has combined the rejects from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and I Love New York, and allowed them to compete for a a $250,000 grand prize. That’s right — it’s Pumkin vs. Whiteboy, Midget Mac vs. Heather in a race to the bottom. What will they think we’ll watch next?

Why did I have an Idiocracy flashback? Simply because the title of this new reality show is almost exactly what Dax Shepherd’s hare-brained lawyer repeatedly says throughout the movie. “… I like money,” and that made me LOL. And also, I think this show is the embodiment of what Idiocracy was about. Shed a tear for the dumbing down of society, and click here to enjoy a compilation clip of some of the funniest scenes from Idiocracy. One caveat — it’s dark, has chock-a-block cursing and adults-only humor, and is not the kind of thing I’d normally post on Afrobella. But if you’re a little left of center, and enjoy underrated not-for-everyone comedies, you’ll probably enjoy it.

For the record, Pooty Tang is also one of my favorite comedies. This all probably reveals something about me, but I’m not sure exactly what.

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  1. I’m with you on Pootie Tang. I love that movie right after Freddie Got Fingered!
    I will check out Idiocracy, I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it.

  2. President Camacho says:

    Idiocracy is one of the best comedies out there and not enough people have seen it.
    Marry me, Afrobella

  3. WhaddaTa!!!!!
    So glad to hear somebody else has my taste in humor! I am going to check out Idiocracy immediately.

  4. chocopina says:

    Sah Dah Tay!

  5. misskissy says:

    ah, Idiocracy…funny but sad that it’s so, so true.

  6. Stardust80 says:

    I’m actually waiting on Idiocracy to move up my Netflix queue. Methinks I have some re-arranging to do! I LOVED Pootie Tang! I dragged my bestie to the movies to see it and she has never forgiven me. I think it just proves that I have broader (i.e. better) pop culture tastes than she does.

  7. We’re Idiocracy fans too. I say, “Why come?” all too often.

  8. iforgeteasy says:

    this film is crazy funny. plus the lead girl is Maya the daughter of the legendry whom i have forgotten her name but sing the original “loving you is easy cuase you are beautiful lalalala lalalala… a dedication to maya”

  9. AmiJane says:

    mmmhhh, i have to check this out

  10. I “LOVED” Pooty Tang!! Damn, I forgot all about that movie! Love your blog!!

  11. Idiocracy is one of my favorites and I tell everyone I know to watch it–it is almost prophetic!

    I also love Pootie Tang and Undercover Brother!

  12. blackberry says:

    You’re fly, Afrobella. These two movies are on my permanent file, too. :)

  13. blackberry says:

    Gawd, remember the receptionist at the hospital, twitching her fingers over the ‘pick an ailment’ buttons?!

  14. Don’t feel bad, I loved Pooty Tang too! Idiocracy (well, I didn’t see the whole thing, but the latter half that I did see) was funny! Great movie. The irony is that Terry Crews as president in the movie may be a little (ok, maybe a lot) like our own president (outside the fact that Bush isn’t black, a former pro-wrestler, and is from Texas)…

  15. Another “Idiocracy” fan. As Niki said, it is almost prophetic.

  16. I loved this movie. I made my teenagers watch it, just to warn them of what could happen to them, LOL!

  17. iforgeteasy- Maya’s mother is the late, great Minnie Riperton!
    Yes, Bella, my hubby & I enjoyed ‘Idiocracy’ too. I think about it often when looking around at what’s going on.

  18. I loved the movie Idiocracy. It actually came on one of the cable networks last year (possibly HBO) so hopefully they’ll show it again. I absolutely love Pootie Tang. I’m trying to locate it to add it to my movie collection. I tried to rent it from Blockbuster, got home, and didn’t have the movie in the container. I called Blockbuster to let them know I didn’t have the movie which they looked for, but couldn’t find which meant that the last person who rented the movie decided to keep it. I was really saddened by that. Anyway, I guess I’ll check out “I Love Money” which I’m sure is going to be hilarious. I was actually hoping I’d see a spin off show for Midget Mac to find love. Oh well.

  19. Sippy tie on a sippy tay, gurl, sippy tay..

  20. i’ve never heard of “idiocracy” but i will definitely check it out. man, i’m glad i don’t have cable otherwise i might be suckered into watching “i love money”. as for “pootie tang”, definitely love it and am glad to see others here love it too. we are all kindred spirits.

  21. Bella, I have the Pootie Tang DVD (It was a secret santa gift from a co-worker) and Idiocracy will be a documentary in about 10 years ha.

    Sah dah tay!

  22. I received Pootie Tang for Christmas about four years ago and I’d never felt more loved in all my life.

  23. Zindhzi says:

    I love this movie. Your are right on about the VH1 show. Next on Vh1 Ow my balls! The movie is genius and I heard the executive at 20th century Fox did not make an effort to promote it. I wonder why …..Mmmm …Maybe ,it’s because fiction is blurring with reality.

  24. I saw Idiocracy for the first time about 4 months ago. Hilarious! I loved Terry Crews part in the film.

  25. I like and own Booty Call. Also, the spinoff legacy that this show carries has maxed out my brain waves:

    The Surreal Life

    Strange Love

    Flavor of Love

    – I Love New York and I Love New York 2
    – Rock of Love and Rock of Love 2

  26. oh my goodness… i JUST saw this foolish arse film about 3 weeks ago. can you say “crying laughing”? yea it is dark, but funny. between dax “i like money” the lawyer, to the illiterate azz cabinet and terry crews as the president… i couldn’t turn away!

  27. OMG, I was just telling my bf about Idiocracy yesterday, but I couldn’t remember the name. We were talking about how illiterate kids are these days, and I said the world may really end up like that movie, lol!


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