Throwback Thursday — Down By The River

I went to bed all pissed off at Jesse Jackson… all I can say is REALLY, Jesse? Is this how the lion in winter gets his moment in the spotlight? I love how his son, Jesse Jackson Jr., dealt with it“He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself.” Zing! I just don’t have the energy today, so I’ll take the Obama high road and move it along.

I went to bed mad, but this morning is bright and better and I woke up with a hopeful song in my heart. Really, I did. I woke up with Morgan Heritage on my mind. Why have I not yet featured this phenomenal band? They totally make the kind of music I adore and seek out in live performances.

The Morgan family has been called The Royal Family of Reggae. Daddy Denroy gained international fame of his own in the early Eighties with I’ll Do Anything For You. He had 30 children, 8 of which formed a reggae band that promotes positivity in their lyrics. Morgan Heritage has released some great songs — my faves include How Come (which I see on VH1 Soul all the time!), Don’t Haffe Dread, which is such an anthem, and Liberation, which pays tribute to the fallen soldiers of reggae while still testifying about the music’s bright future. But my fave of all Morgan Heritage songs has to be Down By the River. That song can lift my spirit like none other. I hope it does the same for you today.

They sound so great live — “I’ll be down by the river… waiting for the good Lord to pass my way.” What a blissful image, as I strap on my seat belt and head to work in downtown M.I.A.

If you want to hear the original recording, click here. Morgan Heritage nice up the dance every time. Click here to check out their latest album.

It’s almost the weekend, bellas! Do you have any fabulous plans? I can’t wait for tomorrow to come!

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  1. ChocolateOrchid says:

    Hi Bella!
    I am so glad you put this song up. I too was (and still am) a bit pissy w/ole Jesse! I needed this song! It’s great! Can’t wait for Friday. No fab plans this weekend though. Gotta wait ’til payday. Then it’ll be on and poppin’.
    Love your blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend to you and all the other beautiful people!

  2. Next to Mint Condition, Morgan Heritage is one of my favorite bands. For those of you in the Philadelphia/New Jersey/Delaware area Morgan Heritage will be in Philly on July 17th!

  3. Mrs.Mckinzie says:

    I am going fishing with my husband this weekend.Good music,and great post Bella.

    Yes, I concur on taking a pass on the foolishness that came out of JJ’s mouth. He’s too old and his been “mic”ed too many times before not to have been paying attention to that…shameful.
    Anywho, I’m not much into reggae, but I think I want to change that. I, of course, know Bob Marley (Redemption song is one of my favorite songs of any genre), but I want to expand a little. Thanks for sharing. Morgan Heritage’s song was really upbeat!
    Also, have a great weekend. My hubby and I are going to visit my cousin and her family in Seattle, WA (we live in MD).

  5. I love Morgan Heritage, they always keep you rockin’ and thinking at the same time! I like their new video, Nothing To Smile About too…real thought provoking for those who visit JA or want to. You can check it out here: I hope you don’t mind the link Bella!

  6. Like you, I was too through with Jessie Jackson. But, I truly believe that something Barack said must have struck a cord in Jessie’s’ heart when Barack spoke about absentee fathers. Now, I do remember Jessie Jackson former assistant coming out to announce that she was carrying his child. The young woman went on to give birth to a young daughter. Maybe Baracks’ comments hit Jessie right at HOME! That is all I have to say about that.

  7. Tolagyal says:

    Luv the throw back

  8. Best reggae band in concert! Jesse Jackson is in my Hot Mess category…he’s prob still sour ’bout not getting the support for his candidacy in the ’80s

  9. No problem, MRS YFA – I always love reading your site! You keep me up on the latest scenes back home!

  10. MsJackson says:

    Rev. Jackson’s remarks actually help Obama. It shows people, especially working and middle class white people that he is different from Jackson and that not all black leaders think or act the same. So don’t be mad.

  11. Crystal, get out of my head. I thought that last night when I heard all the mess. Jesse needs to sit down and be quiet. Obama is running a viable race and he’s jealous. Guess he didn’t learn anything from is 84 run OR the “I got my assistant pregnant” thing, huh? He’s lost whatever few cool points he had with me. Don’t nobody talk bad bout Obama.

  12. I couldn’t believe when I heard the comment, I was disappointed in Jesse Jackson, but like you, I will take the high road. Love the music, never heard of Morgan Heritage, thanks for sharing. I like! Have a great weekend!

  13. I, too, was a little surprised by Jesse’s comment. But whatever … like you said … keep it movin’.

    Nikki :)

  14. I love visiting here, I always learn something new.

  15. Hi there,
    Found your link through NerdGirl. When I read your post- I just shook my head all over again thinking about Jesse’s comments. How absolutely dissapointing!!!!! I think though that it gives you a picture into who he really is- so now we know.


  16. Jesse jsut wants to throw Obama under a bus; but what he doesn’t realize is that the more he speaks against Obama the more America will like him. Funny; but it just works like that. The more black folks from the old guard denouce Obama the more credibility he has.

    I can’t help but think that these so called “blunders” are a destiny type thing that will propel Obama even higher. God works in mysterious ways.

  17. ITA with Get Togetha!

    As I watched it being reported on the BBC evening news I was in shock!
    A blanket of disbelief covered my face, I drew breath and rolled my eyes to the back of my head and said to myself
    “huh?! why say that, Mr. Brother Man, why?!”

    I use to view Jessie as a NOW person with integrity and promise.. but now I view him as a slippery character who is only humbled when he is in the spotlight.

    Attaboy, Jessie, you’re in the spotlight now!

    Anyway, Afrobella, that was a BRILLIANT Thursday throw back!
    This weekend I plan on mixing some Baby goodies for my little Diva child. Then play a few sets of Tennis, go bowling and box a few ’rounds all on my Nintendo Wii :0)

    Let’s just hope that the Nintendo’s Boxing opponent isn’t named Jessie ;0)
    Either way, it’s all in the name of fitness.

    Have a brilliant weekend all!

  18. I definitely needed to hear this song today! Work gets hard sometimes…life gets hard sometimes…and it’s always good to just sit back and ease your mind. They are a wonderful group and their music is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing.


  19. Beautiful song, Bella, thanks! I’m not much into reggae either, I like this one. :)

    I hope this crazy flap with the Rev. makes it plain: He is NOT the officially elected spokesperson for all Black folks!!!! Can someone draft a memo?

  20. I was really mad at Jesse and his jealous behind too, but I felt better the next day.

    Great song!

  21. Although I like Reggae and Dancehall, I have never heard of this performing family. Thanks for opening my ears! :-)

  22. Jesse Jackson is a true hater.

  23. There was a time when Jessie Jackson was the most relevant black leader in America. No more. His shake down of corporate America and his personal shenanigans have left him totally discredited.

  24. lisa, you should check out

  25. I don’t seem to say anything on most blogs because they aren’t worth the time of day to me. Please keep adding new content.


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