Creative entrepreneur Jamila of the awesome little-bella product line j. blossom contacted me today about an issue that directly affects her, as well as so many of the up-and-coming beauty product businesses I love.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is trying to draft a law that would have every handmade cosmetic product treated basically in the same way that a drug like Tylenol is. That would mean that all of the body butters, hair conditioners, lip balms, and shower gels produced by up and coming businesses would have to get approved by the FDA before they can be sold. To do that, these companies would have to purchase licensing and registration fees, which can cost up to $12,000. For a brand like Motions or SoftSheen Carson, that’s chump change. For a bella who makes her own shea butter hair milk in a lobster pot on her stove, that’s enough to put you out of business and put your bill paying abilities on the line. I don’t think that’s cool at all.

As Jamila pointed out, “many cosmetics companies that are “big” today — Carol’s Daughter, Burt’s Bees, and Estee Lauder — pretty much started at someone’s kitchen table.” So if this legislation existed way back when Lisa Price was mixing up Marguerite’s Magic at her crib, she probably would have had to shelve her Carol’s Daughter dreams. And then where would product junkes like you and me be?

The Indie Business Blog has a petition to stop the FDA globalization act of 2008, complete with a YouTube video that breaks the whole issue down. If you want to understand the issue even more, click here to read the government’s discussion draft.

If you love up and coming beauty businesses too, click here to sign and support the cause — these entrepreneurs need to get 2,500 signatures before 9 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, August 5. That’s tomorrow morning, and Jamila and IBN’s president Donna Maria Coles Johnson, plan to essentially having a “five-woman March on Washington” to present their cause.

Go ‘head, Jamila! I admire entrepreneurs with initative, and you have my complete support.

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