Some kids can be so mean for no reason. I know, because I was one of them.

Back in primary school, there was a sweet, shy Indian boy in my class whose mother slicked back his hair with coconut oil every day. For some reason, kids found that to be hilarious and a neverending source for mockery. I’m not even sure who started it, or where we learned that outlook but now I know — unfortunately and sadly — so much of that mockery was borne from racial difference and already at age six, seven, and eight, tiny seeds of prejudice ]were already taking root in our minds. Now that I’m all grown up, I realize how embarrassingly ignorant we all were. That boy’s mother knew what I have only now come to realize — coconut oil is amazing stuff. It’s considered a weight loss aiding superfood to those who ingest it, and a multi-use moisturizer for those who use it externally. If you haven’t added it to your beauty arsenal, I recommend you swing by your neighborhood fancy organic grocery store, stat.

For those of you interested in cooking with coconut oil, click here — the coconut smoothie sounds good. This post is all about coconut oil’s external uses.

I have been the kind of bella who always wanted to make my own hair recipes in the past, but in actuality, I’d almost always would reach for the pre-mixed product at the beauty supply store. The process of looking up and purchasing ingredients myself and actually getting down to do it-to it in my kitchen seemed daunting. But especially of late, I’ve felt empowered and creative. I have to give a hat tip to Motown Girl, The Beauty Brains (which recommends the use of coconut oil for anyone who’s balked at Ojon’s $55 price tag), and Product Junkie Diva. It was her ode to coconut oil that sent me out to the natural foods store.

Relaxed, natural, or transitioning — unrefined coconut oil can be tremendously beneficial to your hair. And using it is oh so easy.

My first foray into the amazing world of unrefined coconut oil was Product Junkie Diva’s perfect pre poo, a blend of coconut oil, avocado oil, and rosemary oil. It’s wonderful, especially with my steam cap.

Some bellas can just saturate their hair and scalp with a blend of oils and let it sit for an hour to get bangin’ results. For me, a pre poo needs heat and time to be optimally effective. Hair steam cap FTW, and I’ve seriously been considering also investing in a hard bonnet dryer for such occasions. As versus a soft bonnet dryer which made me giggle on first sight.

Reviews on this item are positive — but I think the model is ready for a sci fi convention with that thing. I might just have to try it for the LOLs. If any of you have tried a soft bonnet dryer, please let me know your thoughts.

Many bellas recommend coconut oil for overnight use — but I am downright badlucky when it comes to overnight hair treatments. No plastic shower cap will stay on, and inevitably my pillowcase becomes soaked. Then it gets on my face. Luckily coconut oil won’t cause my skin to erupt on overnight contact (also, I’m not afraid of having oil on my face, as I often use it as a cleanser!), but I’ve made many a mess while trying to give my hair overnight TLC. If you’ve got a foolproof method or a big oversize, won’t easily come off shower cap recommendation, thanks in advance.

What’s my foolproof works-for-me coconut oil hair recipe? I use two parts coconut oil, two parts olive oil, and ten drops or so of my essential oil of choice — which is usually rosemary, or lavender. I mix this in a small bowl and use this for a scalp massage — part my hair into four big sections and use my fingertips to apply. Then I apply the rest from the roots down to the tips. Messy bellas (like me) would be smart to use one of those little applicator botttles you can get a the beauty supply shop. Slip on the ol’ steam cap for half an hour to 45 mins, then wash it out with my favorite no-poo shampoo du jour (I still love Devacurl No Poo, but I really really like Hair Rules daily cleansing cream moisture rich no-suds shampoo. A full review of this much-discussed product line is coming soon, PROMISE.

After shampoo, I condition, detangle, and after all of that’s done, sometimes I use a little coconut oil along with my favorite styling product as well! That’s been my hair routine of late — in the past I’ve added sesame oil and honey to the pre-poo mix, just to try something different.

From regular use of coconut oil in my hair, I’ve noticed less scalp flaking. My hair also feels stronger and softer to the touch after a coconut oil treatment.

I found some curly hair beauty vids over on Glam TV, including this one where Costa Rican model Shana reveals her lifelong love of coconut oil.

Shana eats it, uses it as hair moisturizer, and also “sunscreen” — I am thinking she means tanning oil, no? I added two more vids for your viewing pleasure, because I thought the bobby pin hairdo on that How To Style Curly Hair video was kinda cute — bobby pins can help you create some funky asymmetrical ‘do’s for sure. The last vid is hosted by model Gelila, who’s got a glorious head of cascading curls. She discusses styling her curly hair, and now she’s got me thinking about buying Pantene conditioner. I dunno about that just yet, Gelila. You need more people.
Also, and I’m just putting this out there as a member of the Glam Network — I’m hoping to see some kinky hair tips on Glam TV — more interviews with models who have a variety of skin tones and hair types. This is a great start, but I’d love to see hair and beauty tips from models like Wakeema Hollis, Andiswa Manxiwa, Clara Aker Benjamin, and Atong Arjok, for example. Here’s hoping I can feature some of those soon!

Have you added coconut oil to your beauty regimen, bellas? How do you use it? Does your hair love it, or do you prefer a different oil for your pre-poo? Your experience and advice is appreciated!

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