What kind of scents are you most attracted to, when it comes to bath and body products? Do you fantasize about florals, or are you more into vanilla-based comfort scents? Are you a woodsy or herby gal, or do Oriental notes float your boat? If you love beautifully scented hair, bath, and body products — this is the review for you. I’ve been sampling a variety of beauty products that’ll have you smelling and feeling positively edible. And even better, some of these products are natural, and made by the kind of small, up and coming businesses owned by bellas for bellas that I have tried and love, love, love.

Let’s start with your glorious head of hair. For heavenly scented tresses, I can’t think of a product line more suited to the cause than Hair Rules, a multi-textural hair care line made by famous hairstylist Dickey — who just did my homegirl Nichelle’s hair! Clicky click to read about her hair experience.

Hair Rules makes products specifically designed for kinky, curly, and wavy hair — and their stuff smells AMAZING. Fruity, floral, like perfume for your hair. Love the smell. However I will admit right now — wasn’t especially blown away by the styling products on my hair — the Kinky Curling Cream left my curls heavy and limp, not moisturized, defined, and fluffy like I prefer. The sistas at Nappturality and Naturally Curly questioned the ingredients of that particular product, and I’m thinking that had something to do with it. My hair didn’t respond well to the styling stuff, but I LOVE the shampoo and condish!

I really dig the aloe and grapefruit clarifying cleanser — I’m working on a bigger post about scalp issues, but spoiler alert — I think this stuff is helping me to clear up my dry scalp issues. And it smells awesome. The daily cleansing cream moisture-rich no-suds shampoo is great — it’s rivaling Devacurl No Poo for my fave regular cleanser. And I agree with Bellasugar — that Quench Deep Conditioner is absolutely incredible. It smells like a fancy dessert, it moisturized my hair par excellence, and made for a divinely easy comb through. Hair Rules is on the pricey side of the street — $22.00 for an 8 oz bottle of conditioner is steep when you’ve got a thick head of curly locks. But if you’re looking for the new hotness and you love a fragranced head of hair, most def hit em up. You won’t be disappointed with your shampoo or conditioner experience.

** edited at 12:21 a.m., Thursday August 14 — Nichelle’s Q&A with Dickey is up, and he honestly addresses the use of mineral oil in his product. Definitely worth a read for you bellas who are especially concerned about product ingredients. I’m working on a curly hair book review, and Dickey’s book, Hair Rules is an informed, engaging read. More to come about Hair Rules and Dickey.

If you want to make your face clean and herbally refreshed, I’d recommend the skin care stuff from Sally B’s Skin Yummies. I really like this entire line of products — but the Shake It Up Organic Cleansers have really made an impression. You do as it says — shake the bottle well before applying the cleanser. The luxury cleanser is scented with lavender, and leaves my skin feeling super soft. This isn’t a harsh cleanser by any means — removing my eye makeup usually takes two washes. My elbows and feet love the shea butter bar — mine is vanilla almond scented and I’ve been tempted to taste it. It smells that good. My favorite skin care product by Sally B’s Skin Yummies is definitely the sugar scrub.

I’d say it’s one of, if not the best sugar scrub I’ve ever tried. It’s milled to the point of perfection, gentle, effective, and doesn’t leave my tub all slippery. The lavender vanilla scent is amazing, finely crushed gentle floral goodness. $16 for a 4 oz tub, and you can definitely make it last. It also comes in other scents, like Ali’s Almond Bliss which sounds right up my alley!

If you’re seeking scrumdiddlyumptious body care, Blended Child is the brand for you. My husband loves when I wear the Vanilla Waffle Sundae body lotion. It literally smells like dessert. The green tea zen is refreshing and soothing, and blended with grapeseed and green tea, plus vitamins C and E, olive oil, shea, and jojoba. Blended Child doesn’t use petroleum, color, or animal ingredients, and their lotions are a sweet deal at $18. I bet their body wash would be the bomb!

South Florida residents should recognize this beautiful bella on sight — Danielle Knox was the morning news anchor at CBS4/My33 for a while. When she had a bouncing baby boy, she left the TV news anchor game for an entirely different enterprise. Play Pretty Beauty is a line of body washes, lotions and creams that are super moisturizing and smell like little jars of heaven. I did a detailed review over at Pretty in the City, so click there if you want to learn more. Her Nohea Ani scent is one of my new favorites — a lush bouquet of hibiscus, muguet, violet blossoms, and fruit. It lingers on my skin for ages, and makes for an awesome apres-bath moisturizer. It seems they’re not yet available online — there’s a wholesale link, but no regular retail prices. If you live in Florida, you can get Play Pretty products at GBS the Beauty Store.

What’s your favorite scented beauty fave? I’m always on the lookout for the new next thing, so let me know!

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