Was I under a rock of some kind? Since 2007? Courtesy of Best Week Ever, I just discovered the music of Sam Sparro this weekend, and fell head over heels for this Australian boy.

Anyone who can cover Estelle that well gets a thumbs up from me.

I like but don’t love 21st Century Life, but right now this minute, Black and Gold is on repeat in my casa while I get my Sunday housecleaning on.

From what I’m reading, this was an inescapable hit in Europe. But it’s new to me and I’m loving Sam Sparro’s style. The acoustic version is awesome.

I love the imported pop music, I do.

Click here for Sam Sparro’s album, and click here for Estelle’s Shine, if you don’t already have it. Her record label just made the incredibly boneheaded decision to pull her album off iTunes, so she needs some love on the album sales tip. Way to shoot a promising artist in the foot.

What are your thoughts on Sam Sparro? I’m looking for new music, so tell me what you’re chilling to on this Sunday afternoon?

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