A Ray of Light in Political Darkness

This campaign has been incredibly hideous, so I was thrilled to catch the annual Al Smith memorial dinner on tv last night.

The Al Smith dinner is a New York tradition, where politicians and the media lay off the harsh jabs and exchange anger for laughter for one night of the campaign season. Both Bush and Kerry were not invited in 2004. This year, Obama and McCain both brought the house down.

McCain had me cracking up! I was so happy to see this John McCain again, the man I loved in his regular Letterman and Daily Show appearances, who wasn’t afraid to make fun of himself (or Hillary!) and compliment his opponent.

In case you missed McCain’s words of praise for Senator Obama, he said this:

Political opponents can have a little trouble in seeing the best in each other, but I’ve had a few glimpses of this man at his best, and I admire his great skill, energy and determination. There was a time when a mere invitation of an African-American citizen to dine at the White House was taken as an outrage and an insult in many quarters. Today is a world away from the crude and prideful bigotry of that time, and good riddance. I can’t wish my opponent luck, but I do wish him well.”

Purely on a superficial note, Barack was very handsome in white tie. And his jokes were equally hilarious! I was LMAO when he went at Giuliani.

At the end of his speech, Obama closed with compliments to McCain:

“But I’ve said before and I think it bears repeating, that there are very few of us who have served this country with the same dedication and honor and distinction as Senator McCain. No matter what divisions or differences or arguments we’re having right now, we ultimately belong to something bigger and more lasting than a political party. We belong to a community. We share a country. We are all children of God.”

It was a beautiful thing to witness amidst all of this ugliness. And an important reminder – whoever wins this election on November 5 needs to unite us all despite our differences. Witnessing these powerful political figures set aside their partisanship and emotion to celebrate each other with humor and seemingly genuine warmth was wonderful. It’s remarkable. Now if only we who vote for them could all do the same.

I’ll be back to beauty next week, bellas. Promise! Happy weekend to all!

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  1. I’ve been avoiding election news and did not watch the debate because of the ugliness that has been going on. I’m glad to have heard about a moment of decency between the candidates.

  2. This was great. Obama is so suave. Love Swahili for “That One”

  3. Yeah, this was really nice to see and I think it was a good way to break the tension of the campaign. Hopefully this kind of levity lasts in the remainder of the campaign but it is unfortunately unlikely.

    I loved the accusation of ‘fathering two african american children in wedlock.’

  4. Barack Obama is Superman! I can’t wait to cast my vote on Nov. 4.

  5. misswhatever says:

    I am glad you reminded folks of this. I am so tired of the heated debates about McCain/Obama race. And today in the office I was silenced because I was told we should have an open mind and not let the media sway us completely and do your own research. So much for trying to have a mind on your own and do your own due diligence. Some people would rather believe that all Dems are socialists and other all Republicans are the spawn of Satan. It is sad way to live utterly mindles and pulled on a string.

  6. obama has my vote. heck, im voting early…i cant wait untill the 4th!

    obama and mcain were both too funny. its a nice break from the negative ads.

  7. Obama is so suave indeed…must be the Kenyan in him…LOL…East Africans do what am talking about…LOL

  8. I loved their speeches! I know that it had to feel good for them to let their hair down and smile and laugh with one another. Obama was QUITE handsome in his white tie and tux *swoons*.

    I think we saw who the real John McCain was during this event, I refuse to believe that he is the bitter, negative man that he has been acting like lately.

  9. These were very funny, but the LMAO moment came when the dude behind McCain was caught licking his fingers.

  10. Bella Noire says:

    Sandra, I’m Kenyan and I beg to differ. Where are the suave Kenyan men to be found? His suaveness doesn’t come from his Kenyan side, sorry. LOL

  11. sandra G. says:

    Another Sandra…oh man. So I’ll call myself Sandra G. Obama is so coooooolllll.

  12. Pretty funny!

  13. How refreshing!

  14. I proudly checked off the Obama oval on my ballot yesterday and made a ceremony of the mailing event in my local post office. I’m actually voting from abroad this year, South Korea to be exact. I’ll say that being abroad at this time has been inspiring! So many people, when learning that I am American, happily shout “Obama!” I’ve been so proud to answer questions and share their enthusiasm for him.

  15. It was good to get away from the campaign for a minute. McCain had more jokes but then again he has more material!!

  16. Both Videos were pure hilarity. Barack is so smooth…*hearts and swoons*

  17. Nat the blogger says:

    This election cycle has gotten so nasty that I forgot I used to be intrigued by McCain. Thanks for posting!

  18. Thanks ever so much for posting this.

    I have been avoiding the blogosphere because I just couldn’t stand the vitriole. How wonderful to see humour and mutual respect injected into the proceedings.

    We have nothing like this in Britain. And for all the pomp and smugness in Britain we are light years away from ever seeing the possibility of a black man as Prime Minister. It has restored my hope that America can be a shining example of free democracy.

    I too loved the guy chomping away in the background.

  19. Obama was hilarious and I agree he looked very handsome.

    I really don’t know what happened to McCain. Why did he hired all those Rove people? Why did he pick Palin? I hope he thinks about his legacy as he enters the last two weeks of the campaign.

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