Not even close, right?

This dude was wandering through the enormous crowd outside Bicentennial Park during yesterday’s Miami Barack Obama rally, shouting “President Obama! President Obama!” So I took his photo. Gotta say, this is a very… Picasso-esque likeness. You could argue for a refund on that, almost.

The Wall Street Journal estimated yesterday’s crowd at over 30,000. As one of the thousands upon thousands who waited outside to no avail, I believe them. Especially the over part — there could have been 50,000 there for all I know.

Even though we weren’t allowed in, and we couldn’t hear what was happening from the men with megaphones near the gates at the front, everyone remained calm, peaceful, and relatively happy to just be there. The only negativity was in the form of a small airplane that trailed a sign asking Obama to repudiate Ayers. Which he’s addressed repeatedly — most recently in the final debate. Polls have revealed that the negative attacks aren’t working anyway.

That airplane circled around a few times, and some folks in the crowd grumbled, but mostly everyone stayed focused on getting in, getting closer, being able to hear Barack and Michelle speak in person. We left disappointed, after hearing huge whoops of applause echo from within Bicentennial Park. I heard that over 10,000 people were already inside. Funny and random — in the crowd we passed by unmistakable rapper Fat Joe, and even he looked dejected at not getting in. I thought about telling him to “lean back,” but it didn’t seem like a good time.

After what I experienced yesterday, I am more confident than ever that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America. Over 30,000 South Floridians can’t be wrong. And if the number of people who turned up for a simple campaign rally is any indication, a change is gonna come. Oh yes, it will.

Quincy Jones III’s, URB magazine’s Raymond Roker and Zeitghost Media feel the same way — they contacted me about their new viral video campaign. This is their prophecy for November 4.

The November 4 prophecy is simple — millions of people who aren’t getting polled, a generation of voters who have never felt inspired to come to the polls ever before, who are sick of negative, ancient politricks, who believe the sentiment that Barack Obama has expressed — we are the ones we have been waiting for — will stand up and be counted.

November 4. Just short of two weeks away.

What’s your prediction, bellas and fellas?

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p1tey1 says:
October 22, 2008, 11:00 pm
I'm in California, I voted two weeks ago!!! And I too have NO DOUBT, Barack Obama is the next contestant on THE TIME IS RIGHT!!!!
Deda says:
October 22, 2008, 11:33 pm
I am in TX and I voted yesterday! I feel it!!!! McCain signs are all over the place in my neck of the woods, but I STILL think Obama has this on lock.
Get Togetha says:
October 23, 2008, 12:20 am
It looks as though Obama has got this in the bad and I truly don't anticipate any surprises. But there's always this sense of "you never know" looming around. I love the big "O" but I'm scared to death of being overconfident about this one. All I know is that In NYC I will vote on November 4th. This election has been like being on a crack can't get enough and you carefully watch the needle of the polls. *Sigh* I just want it to be over.
Ladene says:
October 23, 2008, 12:59 am
Obama all the way. Palin turned me more away from the Republican ticket with her stance on abortion in the case of rape. so ridiculous. SMH. McCain cant be all that bright if he picked her. MY political opinion.
nyc/caribbean ragazza says:
October 23, 2008, 6:18 am
I think the polls will tighten but unless the Repubs steal this elections (once again there are problems with machines. People punch in Obama and it's somehow a vote for McCain) Obama wins. McCain made a huge error when he picked Sarah Palin. She really hurt him with Independents and moderate Republicans.
Mrs.Mckinzie says:
October 23, 2008, 8:06 am
As long as we keep the faith there is no way Barack Obama can loose.Bush is not trying to go to jail for helping McCain win.Mr McCain your arms are really to short to box with God,and I mean that literally.
Mochagold118 says:
October 23, 2008, 8:13 am
I am like a nervous bride just giddy with excitement. I am anxious for the day to come and be over so that we can have all the uncertainty cleared up. I will be there Nov 4. How about you?
October 23, 2008, 8:21 am
I can't wait until Nov. 4th. The course of history is about to change in just 12 days!!!!
sjay says:
October 23, 2008, 9:24 am
I know I've done my part! Obama will not lose because of ME. I voted straight dem ticket in TX this week. Take that, Repubs!
Ms. Aja B. says:
October 23, 2008, 9:31 am
First I have to say "BX STAND UP!" for Fat Joe being there, trying to get in. I love that he not only has been a major supporter of Obama, but has taken other rappers to task for either being indifferent towards the race, or being McCain supporters for all the wrong reasons (i.e. reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee). Secondly, I feel like Get Togetha: I will be voting here in NYC on 11/4/08. And I am just waiting for it to be done and (prayerfully) celebrate Obama's victory. I can't wait to start referring to him as "President-elect".
Wes says:
October 23, 2008, 9:37 am
I'm with you Bella: Praying for change.
Olivia says:
October 23, 2008, 10:13 am
I firmly believe Obama will be in the office. Its just anticipating these days to go by and its getting tense. What frigtens me is how dirty and rascist individuals at work are becoming...I don't involve myself in any political talk at work but when you are around it during the day it somewhat throws you off because you don't expect co-workers, certain individuals for that matter to have that kind of mindset & feel that comfortable in the work environment to display it. In this day age, you would think certain individuals would be more open minded and receptive to change, but everything is about the ethnicity of Obama.....I don't even want to go that route. This is a new time and a new change is needed and Obama is the man for the job.
Tamra says:
October 23, 2008, 10:38 am
I don't know why (maybe because I'm a conspiracy theorist to a certain extent), but I have a weird feeling about this one. I hope I'm wrong, but I think that *somehow* McCain's going to find a way to steal the election. (Maybe it's just a coping mechanism of some kind that I feel I have to have in place...) I'm with Get Togetha--I'm just so ready for it all to be over! ;-) I am SO not watching election night coverage. We were thinking about going down to the rally here, but after my experience with the 100K in St. Louis--I love BO, but there is NO WAY! lol!
October 23, 2008, 10:53 am
All I can say is, I can't wait until the elections. A change is definitely going to come...
Saro says:
October 23, 2008, 11:19 am
Y'all, I'm worried about a number of things. First, there are alot of people rooting for Obama but perhaps we aren't seeing the McCain folks because we're just hanging with our own people? Are we all in our Obama bubbles? I hope not. Second, I'm worried about attempts by the Republicans to steal the elections (like last time!). I'm not a conspiracy theorist but dang, some of the stuff they pulled last time was so blatant and so obvious (and they suffered NO repercussions). Third, I am worried about how racist people are and they don't recognize it. They are racist on so many levels!! Thank you Colin Powell for speaking out! They aren't undercover any longer but daang, it's ugly. Fourth and finally, I'm worried about the level of anger in this election. It's scary. I certainly don't think that Obama is God (or that McCain is the devil) but I do believe that Obama will make the best choices for our country...But I pray for his safety (and everyone's safety).
Black Doll says:
October 23, 2008, 5:18 pm
Hey Bella, Last Saturday Obama had a rally in St. Louis and I was one of 100,000 at the rally. Check my blog for the pics. But people at the rally enjoyed themselves and felt united all at the same time. Yeah I think we got this thing wrapped up.
Kweenie says:
October 23, 2008, 5:22 pm
I went to a rally he had at the Bank Atlantic Center in Broward (South Florida) a few months back and dragged a colleague from work. My husband who works downtown went to this rally really early and said he couldn't have been more than 30 feet from Obama. Of course, he forgot to take a camera though... :*(
Gobama says:
October 29, 2008, 11:09 pm
Here's how close I was to Obama this past week:


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