Not even close, right?

This dude was wandering through the enormous crowd outside Bicentennial Park during yesterday’s Miami Barack Obama rally, shouting “President Obama! President Obama!” So I took his photo. Gotta say, this is a very… Picasso-esque likeness. You could argue for a refund on that, almost.

The Wall Street Journal estimated yesterday’s crowd at over 30,000. As one of the thousands upon thousands who waited outside to no avail, I believe them. Especially the over part — there could have been 50,000 there for all I know.

Even though we weren’t allowed in, and we couldn’t hear what was happening from the men with megaphones near the gates at the front, everyone remained calm, peaceful, and relatively happy to just be there. The only negativity was in the form of a small airplane that trailed a sign asking Obama to repudiate Ayers. Which he’s addressed repeatedly — most recently in the final debate. Polls have revealed that the negative attacks aren’t working anyway.

That airplane circled around a few times, and some folks in the crowd grumbled, but mostly everyone stayed focused on getting in, getting closer, being able to hear Barack and Michelle speak in person. We left disappointed, after hearing huge whoops of applause echo from within Bicentennial Park. I heard that over 10,000 people were already inside. Funny and random — in the crowd we passed by unmistakable rapper Fat Joe, and even he looked dejected at not getting in. I thought about telling him to “lean back,” but it didn’t seem like a good time.

After what I experienced yesterday, I am more confident than ever that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America. Over 30,000 South Floridians can’t be wrong. And if the number of people who turned up for a simple campaign rally is any indication, a change is gonna come. Oh yes, it will.

Quincy Jones III’s, URB magazine’s Raymond Roker and Zeitghost Media feel the same way — they contacted me about their new viral video campaign. This is their prophecy for November 4.

The November 4 prophecy is simple — millions of people who aren’t getting polled, a generation of voters who have never felt inspired to come to the polls ever before, who are sick of negative, ancient politricks, who believe the sentiment that Barack Obama has expressed — we are the ones we have been waiting for — will stand up and be counted.

November 4. Just short of two weeks away.

What’s your prediction, bellas and fellas?

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