Happy Historic Halloween!

Halloween on the weekend before the most historic election in recent history. Wow. I spotted this pumpkin over at Yes We Carve and thought it was awesome!

I don’t know what I’ll be doing tonight, but whatever it is – I’m thinking of dressing up as the Lady of Rage — I rock rough and stuff with my afro puffs!. It would be so easy!

Will you be celebrating? Dressing up? Taking your little ones trick or treating?

Whether you’re getting all dolled up for a costume or just planning to enjoy candy and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown — Happy Halloween from me to you!

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  1. I myself never really got into halloween, even as a kid. I can recall dressing up as a kid maybe 3 times, ive never been trick or treating. idk, ive just never really got this “holiday”. like what are we “celebrating” exactly. But I dont knock those that do, hope everyone has a safe halloween. Enjoy!!!

  2. GT loves the kiddies so I’ll be giving away the candy. I live in New York so I’m gonna head down to the Village and catch the Parade. Can’t wait to see those Palin, Joe SixPack, and Joe the Plumber costumes! LMAO!

    Lady of Rage sounds like a perfect fit for you Bella. Just remember to take pics!

  3. I’ll be at home tonight, I got so many text messages along with announcements made at school about the gang events. My mother called me this afternoon that there was an annoucement made at her job about the gang initiation here in Jersey, that everyone should stay home and off the street. The gang’s goal is to kill 45 women. Its really sad…

  4. I love Halloween. Its all Hollows Eve as the 1st of November is all Saints day. there is a long history there that I don’t recall since I was taught it in elementary school.
    I dress up too. But I look for reason to wear a campy dressed up outfit.

  5. Manhattan_Mocha says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the gang initiations too.

    I live in New York as well but I’m not gonna let that stop me, it was supposed to be yesterday as well as today, and nothing happened yesterday, so I’m not gonna let fear cripple me.

    I’m getting dressed up and headed to the parade!

  6. I dressed up at work.. I was a 80’s girl. Then I came home and ready to go to bed…

  7. I dressed up for work. I went as an Afrolicious disco diva–Afro, glittery shirt, bell bottoms, glitter eyelashes and platforms. I felt fab!

  8. Very nice pumpkin. This year I was Nefertiti. Pictures will go up tomorrow. It is fun to dress up and go to parties. I do it every year.


  9. Happy Belated Halloween to you too!

  10. Halloween was fun, but not as fun as Tuesday night will be. I’ll be at home relaxing, taking in hours of results and analysis. This is better than the superbowl!

  11. You’ve should have seen the little boys who were dressed as Obama, not only were they cute, I found them to be inspired by all of this.

  12. Hello there, Hey! How are you? Happy late Haloween! :D

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