I saw this brilliant feature over at YMIB, and LOVED it. YMIB Circle Sister NaturalReign’s, list of the 20 things she wished she knew before going natural made me think of a few things of my own.

— I wish I’d known that the mysterious hairstyle I’d been looking for all my chemically-relaxed life, the style that effortlessly captured the essence of “me” that I tried to express with a rainbow of semi-permanent hair dye was right there, just waiting to reveal itself if only I’d be patient and let it.

— that I could learn to love the process of taking care of my hair. I always hated the burn and stink of relaxer, the excruciating boredom of having rollers put in, and of having to sit under a dryer to give my hair the perfect acceptable curl. Now I can go swimming, get rained on, or exercise without fear of ruining my hair. I can even air dry it in the car on the way to work, and still look and feel beautiful and get tons of compliments on my style.

— that I would want to play with my hair all day. Seriously, I never was a hair twirler until I went natural. Now my fingers never stop reaching for these spirals. They’re just so fun to play with!

What about you, bellas? What did you wish you knew before you went natural?

And one more shout out to YMIB. Do you read You Make It Beautiful? You should! Ericka Taylor’s site is always such an inspiring online experience. And now she’s started new blogs, Inspiring Mama, Jubella, and Style Gypsy! Go, Ericka!

I found the illustration above by doing a Google image search for Afro woman. But I’ve misplaced the link! So if you recognize this piece of art and know who the artist is, or are the artist – please contact me so I can give you credit!

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