May was a bad month for me and discipline. Moving will do that to you. No food in the fridge, no pots left to cook in, working hard to pack all your stuff in boxes all day long… the next thing you know someone says “french fries?” and you respond like Pavlov’s dog.

Forgive me, Dr. Ian — I fell off the 50 Million Pound Challenge wagon again. Way, way off.


There was a week in May where I ate practically nothing but fast food. Arby’s and Subway. Five Guys Burgers and Fries. And most shamefully of all — Krystle Burger and *heavy sigh* White Castle. Which I regretted eating almost instantly. Someone explain to me — WHY did Harold and Kumar want to go to this place so bad?

I could blame my overindulgence on my friend in moving, Frank, who is practically obsessed with sliders. From the minute he saw Krystal’s big red sign, he was raring to go.

But I can’t blame someone else for my own weakness. I should have just said NO.

If you’ve been rumbling across country in a truck all day, you’ll notice a distinct lack of healthy food available for sale. Healthy food is not what a rest stop is about. Rest stops are about convenience, getting you in and out with an empty bladder and a full belly in ten minutes or less. Does that give you time for food prepared with love, or good nutritional value? Probably not. Does it mean you will most likely wind up eating something you’ll regret? I can almost guarantee it, unless you are armed with discipline.

So what should you do to avoid the on-the-road bad food blues? Like Dr. Ian says, pack a meal. Bring a cooler with baby carrots and grapes to stave off starvation. Costco sells amazing mixed nuts for way cheaper than Planters’ mixes at the regular grocery store. If you need additional suggestions for healthy snacks, check out the Healthy Meal Plan tab of the 50 Million Pound Challenge for a substantative list. Ranging from air popped popcorn and sunflower seeds for the salt-lovers to chocolate pudding or licorice for your sweet tooth, there’s something to satisfy your cravings without wrecking your plan altogether.

Now that I’m off the road, I’m back on my master plan. Eating healthy and exercising makes me feel so much better than White Castle ever, ever could.

How’s your diet treating you, bella? Is it a daily struggle or is it like second nature by now?

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Jessica Allison says:
June 5, 2009, 2:26 am
hey- if it makes you feel any better, White Castle isn't nearly as bad as you may think: I'm on Weight Watchers and a WC cheese burger is only 3.5 points- so 2 of those amounts to about the same # of fat, calories and fiber as your average Lean Cuisine frozen meal. Question is, can you stop at just 2? Everything in moderation, right?
mikadee says:
June 5, 2009, 4:23 am
It's a daily struggle. I was supposed to be joining a friend on her quest to get trim after recently giving birth.. needless to say I'm the slacker of the group :( i just need to focus on me and getting healthy! Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later
westindiangal says:
June 5, 2009, 6:56 am
I'm in the midst of a cross country move and I understand how discipline can go by the wayside. I am determined to start cooking when my household goods arrive and I'm going to walk everyday at first, then add on a gym routine.
Tupieta says:
June 5, 2009, 7:31 am
AW man I sooo know what you mean. I'm a recently reformed fast food junkie. The convenience will get you. My advice for times like this is to always live in the "now". That is the most important thing to keep going in this race. I'm over 300 pounds and only 22 years old. I have finally made up in my mind that yes, I'm beautiful and I should be content with what God gave me, however he did not give me a unhealthy body full of affliction. I bring this on myself by eating wrong. So each day I make up in my mind is a new day. I dont worry about the mistakes of yesterday, nor do I worry about what I'm going to do tomorrow. I just have control over today, and each day is a new day to make good decisions that will affect the rest of my life. This thought process has kept me more in control by taking my focus off of what i CANT control. Also sometimes you may forget to pack a lunch, or it may be one of those things where it doesnt occur to you until that moment, that it wouldve been a good idea. At times like these there are still healthy alternatives. For example, I go to our local grocery store Publix and by a veggie sub on wheat bread. It is like heaven but its healthy. Or instead of stopping fast food just go to a grocery store or convenient store and get some nuts or dried fruit to hold you until you can have time to get a full meal. Living better always take doing a little something extra. The good thing is developing these habits in one area will trickle to another. God bless you in all that you do! I'm rooting for you o(^.^o) WHOOT WHOOT! *exits stage left* ♥ Tupieta
nikki says:
June 5, 2009, 9:10 am
I am a fast food nut. Sonic, Wendy's, Krystal's (when I go back home) and McDonald's. I lost about 20 pounds by simply eliminating soda from my diet (I was a 4 and 5 bottle a day drinker! It was bad.) Fast food does offer healthier choices: grilled instead of fried, salads, etc. The trick is to ORDER the big salad and not the mini side salad. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Subway!! Get the plain hamburger instead of the loaded double cheese burger. Get the small frosty and not the super extra colossal one.. Most importantly, splurge once in a while so your body won't miss it AND don't beat yourself up if you have a slip up. Just add 10 more minutes to the work out and start fresh tomorrow.
Dolly says:
June 5, 2009, 10:39 am
Its o.k. As Oprah states every day is a new day to start. Hey, I work out four days a week for hour each and then treat myself to waffles and sausage! Go figure. If I could pre plan what I'm going to eat it would help but something in my head won't register and stick to a diet plan. I don't know what to do and my legs in a skirt or dress? Lawd, I could take over the world as strong as they look!
nolagirl says:
June 5, 2009, 2:20 pm
so I started Dr. Ian's fat smash diet and was doing quite well until my grandma went into the hospital then I had no time to buy or prepare my meals. I just didn't. I am re focusing now. I have to start again.... at least I just maintained and did not gain weight. Harold and Kumar were on drugs. Don't take meal advice from pot heads!
KindredSmile says:
June 5, 2009, 2:52 pm
I've been doing relatively good (18.5 down, a lot more to go) but I know that I can do better. It seems like I've reached a plateau - I'm happy my clothes are looser, but temptation is everywhere! Focusing on one meal at a time has seemed to work, and thinking of food as fuel helps too.
TwentyTwo says:
June 5, 2009, 10:32 pm
Look for a grocery store with a fresh foods section (Central Market, Whole Foods). They provide a great 'fast food' option that's healthy and delicious. I also love Campbell's V8 soups. They don't need to be refrigerated and they can be microwaved in minutes. I've been doing Dr. Ian's plan and posting my daily meal plans. Feel free to check them out for easy, portable meals. Good luck!
Sumatra77 says:
June 6, 2009, 9:09 pm
Hi Bella, I too fell off the wagon slightly in the past week. I had a birthday and ate and drank a bunch of calories. It's a struggle. I've been inspired to document my weight loss journey on my blog: Do please check it out and let me know what you think. We just have to keep at it. As Dr. Oz says, even when we fall off the wagon, we can make a U-Turn and get back on track.
Francisco Alvarado says:
June 9, 2009, 12:10 pm
You should take heed of Jessica Allison's comment...and you ordered those pork sandwiches and not the burgers...waa waa wee waa.
Jenene says:
June 10, 2009, 12:27 pm
I'm trying the Cook Yourself Thin recipes from the show on Lifetime. I figure it's worth a try to learn some new ways to cut calories in my diet in a flavorful way.


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