Goodness gracious I knew this would be a good giveaway, but 69 comments?? I was NOT expecting that! And I gotta say, you gave me SO much style inspiration. From “bohemian cyberpunk” to an homage to Josephine Baker, there is no shortage of makeup ideas coming from you beautiful bellas.

But I only have THREE lippies to bless you all with. So here goes:




Congratulations! I’ll be e mailing for your full names and contact info. And if you didn’t perchance win — go to a department store counter quick, because I keep hearing this gloss can be found at the stores, but not online. And also, if you can’t get this specific brand, try out Yves Saint Laurent GLOSS PURPure Lip Gloss in Black. I’ll keep you posted if I find anything under $20 in this department.

Happy Friday, everyone! Go out and be fierce!

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