Oasis of the Seas = Indescribable

Bellas, I’m in love with a cruise ship.

I’m writing to you on board the amazing, incredible, gorgeous Oasis of the Seas – the largest cruise ship at sea. It’s got seven different neighborhoods. The first ever park at sea. A bar that moves between three decks. A zip line. Two surfing simulators. Broadway plays and ice shows and the Aquatheatre and OMG, ridiculous I can’t even put it into words entertainment. And did I tell you about the SPA? Beyond, beyond, beyond.

I am here for a quick press trip, essentially a cruise to nowhere to just experience all the amenties the Oasis has to offer. So I promise to be back tomorrow (or Wednesday) with lots of photos and videos to share with you all!

Have you ever been on a cruise? And let me ask you one more question — would you wanna go on an Afrobella cruise? Cause this could be SO AWESOME! Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Okra n Tomatoes says:

    Oh !! It just dawned on me..this was the ship which was featured on Good Morning America last week !!

    And yes, that is one HUGE ship !! Enjoy your time !!!!

    I’m insanely jealous !!

  2. I saw this ship on GMA and can’t wait to book a vacation on there!! I absolutely LOVE cruises, I’ve been on 3 so far and each time has been incredible. An Afrobella cruise?? I’d so be there!

  3. Lucky you!! I booked for October 2010 on the Oasis since August 2009… cannot wait for your pics!

  4. Yes! I went on Freedom of the Seas this past August (first cruise ever..LOVED IT!) and they were talking about this ship coming. I am soooo ready to go on another one. I always hear people saying that once you’ve been on a cruise, you get addicted. Now I understand!

  5. Afrobella cruise?? When and where?? Mi deh deh!!! That would be off the chain!!! Looking forward to the pics…been looking for my next cruise experience

  6. My mom and I are going on a cruise on this ship next year…this will be my first cruise! I’m extremely excited! Can’t wait to see the pics and hear more about your experience = )

    And an Afrobella cruise sounds amazing!

  7. Yes and Yes! I went on my first cruise last month (Norwegian Sky) to the Bahamas and LOVED IT! I am planning on cruising to the Bahamas again and to Mexico & South America next year. I am in love with cruising! The Oasis looks like the bomb! Afrobella cruise? sure, where do I sign up? LOL

  8. Cruises rock! Did my first one this past Sept. Loved it!

    Keep us posted on that Afrobella cruise! ‘m so there!

  9. I love cruises!! You’re in another world when on a cruise! An Afrobella cruise??!! Oh yes!!…I will be there like a bear! Lol!

  10. I love cruising! I’ve been on about 7 or 8 cruises (with Royal Carribbean being my favorite cruise line). I think the value of cruising cannot be beat. Where else can you get your entertainment, accomodations, and food in one package for a good price? I would love to go on an Afrobella cruise. Count me in!

  11. Nappy Mind says:

    I enjoyed the two western Caribbean cruises I went on. In June, we’ll cruise the Nile on the new Jaz Legacy ship during our trip to Egypt.

    If the Afrobella cruise sails the western Caribbean or Central America I would be very interested. I love to travel.

  12. Roshanne Gabrielle says:

    Hey Bella

    Hope you are having Fun!!!!! Have some for me..its about 45 degrees back here in the Chi….

  13. Hillerie Camille says:

    This ship sounds amazing! I actually just finished a cruise one day ago. I love cruises, can’t wait to book the next one.

  14. I went to travel school in 82 and we went on a cruise ship just for a tour. I felt claustrophobic! I would have to wait for the pictures and read about the fun! Let me know about a on land Bella trip I would definitely try and attend.

  15. I’d love an Afrobella cruise! I’m in! I saw Sam Champion touring this ship on Good Morning America. It looks awesome! Have a great time.

  16. I’ve never gone on a cruise, but I’d be interested in checking one out ;)

  17. Have a great time! Cant wait to see your pixs. Im so tired of dark skies & rain in Seattle. I would love to be on a cruise–battling depression. An Afrobella cruise would be fun!!! I would love to go to Italy, Greece, South America during the winter months.Heck, I just want to get out of Emerald City :)(Seattle is best to visit during the summer! Feel free to visit and we can shop)

  18. The ship looks AMAZING! An Afrobella cruise?! Hell yeah! I would go! Let’s make it happen! :D

  19. I’m so down for an Afrobella cruise. That ship looks so unreal. I’ve never been on a cruise before because I thought they were limiting. I may have to reconsider.

  20. la negrita says:

    I took my first cruise this past summer. It was a Baja Mexico cruise with Carnival. I enjoyed it, but overall, I’d rather do a land trip. Something about cruises seems so…fabricated. But maybe I need to try another line?

    I would totally go on an afrobella cruise, though. I think the experience would be a lot more fun with a group.

  21. LOVE THEM!!! Cruises are definitely the most economical way to vacation- food, transportation, & entertainment are ALL included! This ship is amazing and has something for EVERYONE. If you bellas need help making your cruise dreams a reality, I work for an awesome travel agency.

  22. Afrobella Cruise = Heaven

    What a sweet idea! ;)

  23. I love cruises..the food, the views, going to all these beautiful places.

  24. Tahitian Moon says:

    I wanna go on an Afrobella Cruise! I’ve never done one before, but I think it would be a blast.

  25. i would love to go cruising, i have never been on a ship. great!!! idea.

  26. Bella, I have been admiring Oasis since I heard about it. I cant wait to see your pics. An Afrobella cruise would GREAT. I have never been on a cruise but the Oasis sounds like a paradise.

  27. I went on a cruise vacation by myself 8 years ago. I had an amazing time and am still in touch with my tablemates!
    Downside of the cruise: I was seasick the entire day at sea. Not fun! And I like to experience a bit of nightlife in the ports and with rare exception the cruises pull off by 4 pm.
    Cruising is a fantastic way to visit a lot of places with a minimum of hassle though.

  28. Sunshine Po says:

    Please, please, please put the cruise together. I love cruises and I’m SO overdue for a vacay.

  29. I would sooo be on a Afrobella cruise! I have been on one cruise and I loved it. This ship seems amazing!

  30. I did a cruise 8 years ago and it was nice. I would love to do one with a fun group! That would be awesome!

  31. I went on my first cruise in Oct. 2008 and I loved it. I’d definitely go on an Afrobella cruise provided I had plenty of time to make payments. LOL!

  32. Ha! What are you tryna do to us? Make us jealous? Lucky you. enjoy!

  33. I have been on one cruise and am planning to go on another one in February. I loved the first one and am eagerly awaiting the second one. I would love to be a part of an Afrobella cruise!

  34. I went on a cruise a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Going on another one next July…the Southern Caribbean. Would definitely love to do an Afrobella cruise.

  35. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas two years ago and I loved it! I’m looking to go on one in the new year and it definitely has to be in the Southern Caribbean. Celebrity X cruises goes all the way down to Grenada and Tobago…so I’m itching to catch that cruise….an Afrobella cruise sounds really nice to me!!!!

  36. Yes! Afrobella cruise! Love it! Make it happen, Bella!

  37. crystal g. says:

    never been on one; this seems amazing

  38. You live such a life of fabulousity. The grind pays off!

    My first cruise was not the business. Didn’t like the ship at all so I’ve overdue for a great experience. This looks like it. I would definitely be open to be Bella cruise.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  39. The bellas have spoken! I’m gonna put the wheels in motion!

  40. I would be on that Bella cruise with bell(a)s on!

  41. Andrea Williams says:

    I have been on a day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas. I loved it. Can’t wait to do a multi-day cruise.

    I would sooooooo love an Afro-bella organized cruise. Could you imagine all the beautiful natural (and unnatural) bellas that would be on that ship. I think the seas would be overwhelmed w/ all the fabulousness!!

    Let’s do it! I would be so down.

  42. so. jealous. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’m DYING to go on one! Can’t wait to read your review!

  43. I’ve never been on a cruise but this post makes me want to go on one soon!

  44. Afrobella cruise?! I love it! Count me in.


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