2009 was one helluva year for me, in oh so many ways. I enjoyed a blessed 12 months, chock full of change, adventures, travel, and yes — products to review. And as the year has come to a close, I’d like to share my 25 favorite new finds with you — some I’ve reviewed before, some I’m finally reviewing now, all of which you just may want to enhance your lifespace with. And to make things fun and readable, I’m breaking it all into 5 sections. Here we go!

First category: HAIR!


1. Karen’s Body Beautiful. I was lucky enough to review several products from this Brooklyn-based hair and body care line, and I fell in love with just about everything I tried from their line. The soap and body lotion are incredibly moisturizing, but their hair products were what really blew me away. Try the shampoo and conditioner. They treat my hair as gently as it deserves.

simplycurly (1)

2. HPO Simply Curly. I wish this product was around when I was first transitioning. It is everything I’d been looking for. Creamy and light, beautifully fragranced, and made from the ingredients my hair craves. I just can’t get enough!


3. Curls Curl Gel-les’c. I’m not a fan of hair gel in general, but the creator of Curls came up with something so unique and special, she’s got me rethinking my feelings about gel-type products. Gel-les’c is part serum, part gel, all incredible. It converts my frizzy hair into perfect coils, and doesn’t have that crunch factor I hate in so many other gels.


4. Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme. Thank you, Leonor Greyl! Without you, my hair wouldn’t last through the weather transitions I experienced in November and December. Going from the tropical heat of the Dominican Republic back to the snowy chill of Chicago wasn’t easy, but thanks to this detangling, protective oil, my tresses stayed attractive throughout. Love!


5. Drops of Nature Revive Nutritive Sheen Serum. This is one of few products that I currently use, that I know would also be equally loved by my sister, my mom, and my aunties. Argon and amla oil, rosemary, sunflower, and grapeseed oil. Pure and perfect. Leaves my hair looking shiny, smelling lovely, and feeling strong enough to withstand the elements.



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