I heart Chicago. The universe keeps giving me these wonderful signs that yes, this was the right move. And this Saturday, I got to experience one of those signs and that feeling of affirmation yet again.


I went to a natural hair meetup hosted by Leila of Black Girl with Long Hair, and it. was. AWESOME!

Saturday morning at 11 am, we met at the Little Black Pearl workshop space in Hyde Park. First of all, this location is great. Amazing art, a friendly vibe, and delicious chai tea and muffins available for purchase. Win win win. Secondly, just being in the presence of so many beautiful, intelligent women who all celebrate our natural beauty? SO amazing.

I finally got to meet Leila who is so sweet and warm and welcoming! It’s so nice to meet someone and feel like you’re friends with them right away. She rocks. AND she didn’t mention this on Saturday, but she just got ENGAGED!!! Her fiance, Norman was in attendance and was taking photos and being super supportive. So awesome.


We had a product swap, and attendees who had their own business brought samples of their goodies. So I got to discover some new body butters and hair balms, made by afrobellas for afrobellas! I got to check out the amazing work of Jessica’s Jewels, and Shop Boutique Unique. Reviews to come soon – be sure to check out their links!

Also, I met Tori of A Kinky Hair Monologue, and Socialite Dreams.


Isn’t she adorable? Love her coat!

We didn’t want the event to end, and everyone had an awesome afternoon of mingling and enjoying each other’s company. And after the event Leila and Norman were kind enough to give me a ride home, potentially saving me from some dangerous confrontation that was about to pop off at the el stop! Chicago, you so crazy!

I had an incredible time at the BGLH meetup, and Leila and I have already been in touch about the next one. I’m so excited! So bellas – there will be a natural hair meetup here in Chicago in May! I’ll be sure to announce the details as soon as we figure it all out.

Have you been to natural hair meetups in your city? Will you be in Chicago this May and come to ours? Let a bella know!

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