Today on Twitter, there’s a concerted effort by the natural hair community to get the hashtag #naturalhair as a trending topic. The initative was started by amazing loctician Camille Reed AKA NoireBoss1, and My Hairitage, to increase awareness and appreciation for natural hair. I absolutely LOVE the idea!

So I decided to ask my friends on Twitter — If you had ONE bit of advice for a woman considering transitioning from relaxed to #naturalhair – what would it be?

The response I got was tremendous. Inspiring, awesome, and worth absorbing. I know not everyone is on Twitter, so simply had to share with you here!

On transitioning in general:

CristineYvonne — do whats best for you! take your time, learn your hair, and find what works for you! don’t have hair envy – it doesn’t help!

Kissmyblackads — do it!

Kat_at_LSP — Respect the process of transition and redefinition. You are not your hair, it is a part of you. Natural hair transition is all about releasing control. Hair does what it wants. Your only job is to let it.

justNancyP — keep healthy ends

Dawnavette — don’t give up…it’s SO hard!! Been over a yr natural & I still struggle to find the right products. I’d never go back to a perm though. Liberation is being comfortable w.o assimilation-or being a slave to a flat iron & synthetic weaves.

The most popular advice:

TB_BT My advice would be patience

mochawriter — PATIENCE

youngjbrooks — Be patient.

eclectikchic — be patient. #naturalhair

ActsofFaithblog –Be patient

ProToType65 — be patient. You’ll be tempted to go back to the relaxer for a min. But will fall in love w/ the end result!

TheGorgeousBlog — I’ve been natural 4 16yrs from short/long, light/dark & curly/ straight I’ve had more versatility than relaxed hair #naturalhair

So now you know you should be patient, and contrary to rumor, natural hair CAN be versatile. But how should you style your natural hair?

drgoddess — Let your roots grow out a bit, cut split ends, deep condition and get braids for a while.

SwarthyDaisy — buy a wide tooth comb and style while wet

trice10552 — Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

KarensBeautiful — My advice would be to exercise patience & nurture your hair w/love. Oh, don’t forget…moisture, moisture, moisture!

Also, I know we all have hair envy at times but embrace YOUR texture! Your head of hair is just as UNIQUE as you are. Love it! πŸ˜‰

Afiya_Products — It will take time to learn what’s best for your hair.

Naturallikeme – Have patience and read your product’s ingredient list!

Yoshi3329 — braids/twists, porosity control products, conditioner & ceramides are going to be your best transitioning friends #naturalhair

— Know why you’re using a certain product. Don’t just use it because every1 else is doing it. Know what is does and why.

— Take this time to transition your mind and to work on styles so when you get 2 #naturalhair you can jump right in headlong!

— Don’t make any rash assumptions at what your #naturalhair texture will be. I thought I was going 2 b 3c/4a, I’m 4c with 4b edges.

thefabgiver — #naturalhair desn’t always mean non-straightened. You’re free to switch from style to style, so don’t worry about that! Oh, and transition hairstyles will be your SAVIOR! #naturalhair

CoHairExaminer — trust that their hair knows what it needs and to listen to it. [#naturalhair advice for newbies]

How do you care for your natural hair? First, learn to love YOUR texture:

bernag06 – love ur texture

HennaRo22 — Whatever works for one fellow #Naturalhair woman may not work for you.

carlalynnehall — I just like reminding folks that our hair is happiest in its natural state. #naturalhair

purplepeace79 — God made no mistakes when he made you. Love your hair and honor God!!

Madimom15 — Treat your #naturalhair like a newborn baby! Be gentle, give it your time, be patient w/ its temperament. U’ll b happy u did!

abigailwrites — Don’t fight your hair.

afroniquely — be confident with ur #naturalhair. Be patient and gentle to it. It takes time for it to blossom

LoveMySkip — Don’t be overly concerned about the texture. when folks start out really concerned about their texture, how much curl, wave, I think relapse is likely.

If and when you decide to go natural, you WILL hear about it from friends and family. But you gotta let the haters hate on:

alldaynatural – Have a strong support system that will encourage you along the way. It makes a world of difference.

1JennaMarie — there will be some tough times on the natural journey, but don’t give up & follow natural hair care blogs

mikoism — before u even start, decide that u think u are a beautiful woman, PERIOD. that concept WILL be severely tested.

BlackPowerBunny — be prepared 4 tons of questions & comments but don’t feel the need to explain your decision.

LifewiththeDiva – ignore ppl who don’t support your decision & #naturalhair journey.It took me 3 attempts to purposely put non-supporters “on mute” and turn up #naturalhair cheerleaders sky high!

shoelovadotcom – Can’t let others dictate 2 u how they think your hair should be. in my case, ppl turned up noses just at the thought of me getting locs. A lot of it was based on misconceptions abt locs though.

jalanimorgan — 7 years in July my hair has been natural. Locks on my head. Strength in my heart.

Should you do The Big Chop?

SoftSpokenFox — do it your way… Grow it out til your chop aint so big. Wear styles that blend both textures. Chop if you’re really ready..

justmelidia — Hair boards are great resources but don’t let them make things sound overcomplicated & don’t jump on every bandwagon #naturalhair

MilaXX — Transitioning too long only makes it harder. After 6mths it’s prob easier to just do the BC. Take the plunge!

carnivaldiary — The big chop is not as scary as you think and being natural is versatile!Braids,wigs, weaves all help the transitioning

negrita_linda — CUT IT OFF! Start from scratch. Learn 2 deal w/ur hair @ all stages. It’s scary, but u will be much more confident in the end.

EvieB — cut all the permed off and start fresh. Best feeling ever!!

jadarae — Throw caution to the wind and just do it. It is the most liberating thing you will do for yourself! (Just my advice)

And perhaps my favorite response came from CruelSecretary — Be prepared for the looks, be prepared for the questions, be prepared for the love. Especially for the love.;-)

The 140 character messages you just read came from women who are teachers, musicians, writers, bloggers, activists, students…you name it. Please click on the links above to learn more about them, to follow them, and to visit their links to their various online endeavors. The one common thread — everyone quoted above wears, or has worn their hair natural, and are happy and proud to share their advice and experience with anyone who’s considering making the change and stopping the use of texture-altering chemicals. I hope their words helped to inspire you, if you’re at the beginning of such a journey.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter for sharing your wisdom! I hope this post just perpetuates the cycle of love and inspiration!

What’s YOUR best natural hair advice?

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