Queen Latifah has always been a woman of tremendous wisdom.

Her lyrical content has always revealed the mind of a critical thinker, one who isn’t afraid to challenge societal norms and question the status quo. As a self admitted addict of social media, I found her latest interview with Upscale Magazine to be both interesting and resonant. Queen La discusses the speculation about her love life, her observations on famous couples in the spotlight, and her feelings on social media networks. Via Necole Bitchie:

“When I meet someone I want to enjoy the moment of connecting with them. If they’re scrambling to get a picture to post on twitter, they’re losing the memory by missing the moment. Real life and social networking are not the same. I’m in a hotel room right now looking out at Central Park. The people out there are living life, playing soccer. Do I want to kick the ball? Or take a picture of it? I want to kick it.”

I want to kick the ball too! It’s something I’ve noticed and disliked in myself and others – the need to relentlessly photograph and overshare and document our lives right in the moments when we should feel free to let go and just experience. Just live.

I feel Queen Latifah 100%. And I promise to spend more time kicking the ball, and less time taking pictures of it.



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