From the minute I interviewed Felicia Leatherwood, I had a feeling that we’d get along really great if we met in person. At the time I had no idea she’d be coming to Chicago to host her Loving Her Hair With Natural Care workshop. When she told me she was coming to Chicago, I was SO BEYOND excited.

Isn’t Felicia ADORABLE?? LOVE her!

The venue, Salon Heaven, was PERFECT. An intimate space was set aside for attendees, and we were greeted by a table bedecked with gift bags and a display of products by Lawrence Ray Concepts. The creator of the brand – the handsome and personable Lawrence Ray, was on hand to present his line of hair products to the natural hair lovers in attendance.

The presentation on LRC sold many in the audience on these products – look for a lengthy review to come. The Loving Your Hair With Natural Care workshop didn’t stop with a product presentation, y’all. After that, both Lawrence and Felicia answered questions from the enthusiastic audience.

The lessons I’ve learned from Felicia that day were invaluable. She shares many of them freely on her Facebook group, Loving Your Hair With Natural Care. In the live workshop, Felicia was able to address specific issues, like how to deal with mildew-scented locs (Sea Breeze astringent or Listerine!) or the best styles for transitioning (Felicia recommends twists, or a straw set). One of the things she stressed to us, is that natural hair doesn’t mean limitations. Any style you want to do with relaxed hair, you can do with natural hair. But I didn’t know what she meant until we met up and she actually did my hair. Yes YES y’all!! Stay tuned for part two!

To Be Continued…

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