YAY! Gabi’s the MTV TJ!!!!

Let me tell y’all a few things about Gabi Gregg.

She is super cute (obviously, look at her!). She is a LOT of fun to hang out with. She’s a great person to vent to if you’re stressed out. And from the minute she entered this MTV TJ thing, I knew she had it in the bag. Cause Gabi – the creator of uberinfluential blog Young, Fat and Fabulous – has that “It” factor in spades.

On Sunday, I was en route from a whirlwind trip to NYC and then at the Lollapalooza festival here in Chicago (epic posts to come on both!) and midway through all that fun, my phone died. So I didn’t even realized I’d missed the MTV TJ finale until I got home and caught a glimpse of my Twitter timeline! SO much love, happiness and pride outpouring for Gabi!

As her friend, I’m over the moon. Gabi is such a go getter and an inspiration – now she’s gonna be straight outta Pilsen and headed to the fabulous life in NYC. She totally deserves it and she is gonna ROCK that job!!! GO GABI GO!

As a fellow plus size fashion fan and as a fellow blogger of color, I am SO thrilled – Gabi is an icon to all of us who also aspire to be or identify with her YFF credo, an inspiration to women who haven’t felt that there may be a place for them in the media spotlight. Gabi’s kicking down the door for women of color AND women of size! This is history!

As a fellow resident of Chicago I am proud but also a little sad – Gabi’s leaving us for NYC now! When’s the farewell party, yo?

Wanna keep up with Gabi’s new fabulous life? Follow her on Twitter at MTVTJ. Gabi, I couldn’t be prouder. Afrobella is sending you SO much love!!


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  1. much congrats to her. she was in first place the WHOLE show, i know that must have felt good for her to know that she had sooooo much support. great things ahead

  2. Yes! Although I don’t have the pleasure of knowing Gabi personall- TRUST I was among the many who voted for her during the live broadcast of the MTVTJ show. There was an outpouring of support from curvy fashionistas from coast-to-coast!

  3. Christine says:

    Have to say I’m so glad. I’m a giant fan of Gabi, and LOVE YFF. She’s got great style and presence. Go Gabi go!

  4. jasminethejigsaw says:

    She is so beautiful and fabulous! I just love her and I just heard about her, what, 3 minutes ago! lol …

  5. Wow Im a huge fan of hers. Im so glad she won!!!!!!!

  6. Gabbi is soo fierce, she inspired me to start blogging. I’m so glad she won

  7. crystal g. says:

    YEEEEESSS!!! I am too proud of this! I love her site- she is so influential and her confidence is contagious on the screen and over the internet. Wow i was crossing my fingers- (deep exhale sigh of relief) ;-)

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