During New York Fashion Week, I made it to one actual fashion show…but I time for many meet and greets, dinners, breakfasts and fun with fellow bloggers and the brands I L-O-V-E love.

One of the absolute highlights of this year’s New York Fashion Week was my trip to the Carol’s Daughter flagship store on Harlem’s world famous 125th Street. I had THE most amazing manicure EVER. Please allow me to gush unabashedly for a moment.

The Carol’s Daughter store is a beautiful gem in this gritty urban setting. From the front door alone, you can tell you’re about to step into a magical place. The decor of the store is impeccable, inspiring, and utterly amazing. And then…then you go to The Back Room. And a chorus of angels starts singing in your head.

The space is just…well, you can see for yourself. Inviting and beautiful, it’s clearly designed to be an oasis. Very pleasing to the eye. Perfect for a private spa party or bridal shower, am I right??

I loved all of it. The plush chairs. The soft greens everywhere, the antique elements. The frings on the walls. And OMG the range of polishes.

I love a spa that lets you choose your brand. And at the Carol’s Daughter spa, they’ve got everything from Chanel to YSL to Butter London and Essie. Name a luxury polish brand and they probably have a bottle. I loved having that range of choice.

I’ve heard SO much about new brand Ginger and Liz, but hadn’t yet been lucky enough to try them – being out of New York, you can feel so out of the loop! So when I saw their colors I felt immediately inspired. And the idea for some nail art came to mind. I settled on three shades of Ginger and Liz polish. And then I met my manicurist.

Her name is Fumic. She’s a Japanese nail blogger – PLEASE introduce yourself to her skills by checking out Jewelry Nailist, Or her blog, Fumic’s NY Nail Life. She. Is. Incredible. From the minute I mentioned the possibility of nail art, Fumic got excited. And so did I!

I chose Ginger and Liz’s Hold The Drama, a “blackened eggplant,” as the base color. I wanted to accent with Got My Groove Back, a fierce gold foil. And Fumic suggested He’s So Into Me as an accent color.

Before the polish, came the nurturing soak. And this means unique pampering, at the Carol’s Daughter spa. Their manicures and pedicures range by season, and include delicious, edible treats that will make you briefly consider sipping the mixture you’re about to dunk your fingers in. Behold, the tropical manicure, with hints of coconut and exotic spices. So decadent and delicious!

We started with the base color.

And then Fumic turned it ALL the way up with diagonal stripes and artfully placed rhinestones.

Please respect her gangsta.

These, bellas – are 3D nails!

At the end of my manicure experience (and YES, it was an experience), I wanted to take a picture with Fumic and Lisa Price. And Fumic suggested the adorable pose you see here!

LOL – she is too cute and too awesome. And after THAT, I got to have dinner with Lisa Price herself, and some members of the Carol’s Daughter team. Which was just above and beyond amazing.

SO much love to Fumic, Danielle, Darren, and of course Lisa for an absolutely incredible experience. I loved every moment of it, and cannot wait to return to the Back Room!

I wish there was a Carol’s Daughter spa in Chicago, OMG. If you are in New York City, don’t wait another minute! Go get yourself some amazing pampering with a side of nail art!



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