You’ve probably seen it on other natural hair blogs, or heard about it on forums.

I was lucky enough to host a giveway on Afrobella Radio, and the kind folks at Huetiful sent me a hair steamer of my own to try out! I was pretty skeptical at first. But, here’s my before pic to give you an idea of the hair issues I was having:

Lots of frizz, very little evidence of a curl pattern. (But don’t you love my tee by Kinnks?)

And here’s the after. Curls are bizzack!

I break it all down in the video (which I meant to post before I left for fashion week. Mea culpa!).

The Huetiful is easy to use and in my experience – immediately effective! I was seriously impressed and am excited to use this in the fall and winter when my hair is REALLY feeling the elements.

AND as luck would have it – if you’re in the Atlanta area you can experience the Huetiful steamer yourself!

At the Dollhouse Hair Salon in ATL on Sunday October 3 from 1-4 pm, they’re offering treatments with the full Huetiful hydration system including the shampoo and hydrating hair masque (which I haven’t tried yet). $30 for a wash, hair masque, steam and natural style )braids or twists for a braid or twist out). Visit to sign up ASAP. And if you go get yourself a treatment, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Have you tried the Huetiful, or had steam treatments before? Please share your experiences with me!



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