This week’s show is a rerun, but it’s a GREAT episode that I didn’t get a chance to truly promote last week. And this week, I’ll be tuning in as well just to get the insight from two of the ladies who have inspired me to find my own fashion voice!

On today’s Afrobella Radio – which you can listen to right here, right now! the guests are two amazing and accomplished young women.

Gabi Gregg is the founder of the immensely influential blog Young Fat and Fabulous. Her blog sparked a movement in the fatshion community, and led to her contributing to major developments in the space like Vogue Curvy. Now she’s won her dream job by popular vote and is officially MTV’s first ever Twitter Jockey!

And Angel Laws was one of the people who has been supportive and inspiring to me from day one! Angel is the creator of Concrete Loop. Back when I first decided to become a blogger, it was Angel who inspired me. I looked to young bloggers like her and Fresh of Crunk and Disorderly, and realized that I too wanted to create a platform for my personal expression. And not only is she the creator of one of the internet’s most popular urban entertainment blogs, but she is also an extraordinary photographer and fashionista – and is about to be an author! Check her out at Angel on Fire!

Listen to the interview to hear all the details from Gabi’s new job as MTV TJ and going to Los Angeles for the VMA’s, and Angel’s adventures in New York and the details on her sure-to-be-amazing book, Angel’s Blogging Laws!!

Click here to listen to Afrobella Radio. And next week tune in for a brand new episode!



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