I am seriously looking forward to having kids – just so I can share the magic of the Muppets with them. I think Jim Henson was a genius. I grew up loving The Muppet Show and Sesame Street to the point of obsession, so seeing that the Children’s Television Workshop is still continuing the great, innovative, inspiring work some 41 years later.

Several readers and friends on Twitter have sent me a link to this amazing, adorable song!

Shoutout to Your Natural Wonder for sending it to me first!

Love the brown muppet, the little fro, and the positive natural hair love. This reminds me of the glory days of Sesame Street, when Roosevelt Franklin was teaching about Africa and singing songs like The Skin I’m In. Empowering and beautiful!

The OTHER Sesame Street clip I’m loving is by my favorite muppet EVER – Mr. Fuzzy and Blue himself – GROVER.

Is there a cuter muppet than Grover? The answer is NO. No there isn’t. And now apparently no muppet smells better either.

The Smell Like a Monster Old Spice parody is genius! No wonder everyone’s been sharing it online! Love that Sesame Street remains witty and sharp all these years later. Can’t wait to share it with my kids (whenever I have them), and if you’ve got little ones – you’ve probably seen these already!

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