How to Wear Nicki Minaj and MAC’s Pink Friday

I’m not here to discuss Nicki Minaj’s music or to present an analysis or spoken word poem about her as an artist…this post is all about the lipstick.

Nicki Minaj and MAC just came out with a lipstick, in honor of her album Pink Friday.

Pink Friday is a very girly, very opaque satin pink. At the event this week in New York, an enormous and excited crowd gathered at MAC to see their Barbie Queen. The lipstick has been flying off the shelves. From the moment I got it in the mail, I was like…uh oh. Are people going to be wearing this? I used to have a My Little Pony in that color!

So I decided to try the Pink Friday lipstick in a few different ways to see if I could make it more wearable. And I find success in the end! Kinda.

The secret for me is layering it over a darker pink. Otherwise it’s too opaque for me.

What do you think, bellas? Will you be rocking Pink Friday? And, what are your thoughts on Nicki Minaj? I don’t love her music or this whole Barbie thing, but I like her personality and her success makes me proud as a Trinidadian. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. You were never a “pink” person – purple, black..*grin* But it looks good as you have worn it.

  2. I looove look #4
    I am getting it!
    thank you for the video :)

  3. ProfessHer says:

    #4:DONE. Gorgeous!

  4. Afrobella,

    Thanks so much for this. As an older chick, I didn’t think I could rock this color. Thanks for showing me how to tone it down. Also, you are getting more and more cute every day! Can’t wait to hang with you again!

  5. Its Tyrone Biggums game proper. When I saw a picture of it I was like Uh uh the white divas can have it.

  6. I can’t get it. Not only is it based on a permanent color already in the MAC collection, Lady Gaga’s lipstick was based on the same color and I bought that one. I barely use it though, so I know there’s no need for me to buy Nicki’s. Gotta say I love the promotion and the idea around it though.

  7. I love that you tried different looks before totally dismissing it. I loved look #3 and #4.

  8. i definitely copped that pink friday and no im not one of her barbie’s either, lol. i’ve been searchin for an amber rose pink all year!

  9. I like the last 2 looks. I was scared to try this color, I thought is was way too bold of color and had an “ice cream” feel to it. But seeing the versatility when mixing with other colors makes me want to purchase one asap!

  10. I LOVE that last shade, it looks really on you and I really love the shimmer and glow. I really want to get my hands on that Nicki Minaj lippy but it is all sold out at the UK MAC online store.

  11. I’m not a fan nor do I like the shade.. My daughter has it and pairs it with a dazzleglass that actually made it look nice on her complexion.

  12. my favorite celebrity is Nicki Minaj. I just love her style and her booty is more huge than jlo!

  13. I love nicki! The style, the music, all-that!! The shade made my teeth look sooo yellow. I had to put it down.

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