So many of us are blessed. And so often, we don’t think about our blessings. Good health, having all your loved ones around you, having a roof over your head, a house full of peace and love, heat, clothing and even the ability to serve your own Thanksgiving dinner, or do that Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping…it is ALL a blessing. I know I am richly blessed and I am so, so thankful for even the little things.

I’m reminded of my blessings as it grows colder here in Chicago, and I notice how many women – often middle aged, not seeming to be mentally unstable, regular looking women – I’m now seeing on the streets begging for money, or approaching me for help at the grocery store. I see women around the streets of Chicago who look beaten and tired by life. And my heart goes out to them all, but I often feel powerless in the face of poverty and pain. What can I do?

My friend and peer in the beauty blogosphere, Shannon Nelson of A Girl’s Gotta Spa, came up with a brilliant suggestion. Beauty Bloggers for Good. A group of us come together, gather all the unused product samples we could find, and donate it to our local domestic violence shelter. Lord knows I had enough items to give. See overflowing box here:

These products will go to the Chicago Abused Women Coalition, an organization which provides shelter for women and children, and counseling, advocacy, and a 24-hour hotline for those suffering from abuse. I know beauty products can’t help to ease the pain of what these ladies are dealing with, but here’s hoping it brings a smile to their faces at this magical time of year.

That’s one way I’m giving, this Thanksgiving season. What charitable acts to you plan on participating in?

Please check out all of my friends who contributed to this amazing initiative. And THANK YOU Shannon for coming up with it!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Mistinguette S says:
November 25, 2010, 11:07 pm
For many years, I was a counselor in several domestic violence shelters and hotlines. So I know that part of the abuse suffered by every victim of domestic violence is a degradation of her womanhood: her beauty, her femininity, her sexuality, and her worthiness of physical self care. In this context, getting a fancy luxury soap or a deluxe hair care product provides a sister with profound recognition of her womanhood in a way that all the counseling in the world cannot do. And it's a tangible reminder that there is a whole world of sisters out in the world who have her back, if she just dares love herself enough to leave. Thanks for co-organizing this action. It offers more healing than you can imagine.
Shannon says:
November 26, 2010, 9:04 am
Thank you for being a part of this Patrice! xx
JaNelle says:
November 29, 2010, 7:21 am
This is an amazing idea! I know the women will benefit so greatly. I've seen the effect of the uplifting power of just seeing yourself in a different light. These women deserve to be pampered and made to feel special; to be reminded of the beautiful creatures they are! I applaud you and the other beauty bloggers!
Nikia says:
November 29, 2010, 1:23 pm
What an awesome idea! Good for you, bella!


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