Hot Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair!

In case you didn’t know, my friend Felicia Leatherwood is a genius with natural hair! Anyone who’s been to one of her Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshops can testify! If you are seeking tips for natural hair, you need to be a member of her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter – she offers a wealth of information and inspiration for both new transitioners and longtime naturals!

I reached out to Felicia for an Afrobella exclusive. It’s the holidays and just about every weekend there’s a fabulous holiday event to attend! I asked her for tips on styling natural hair for the holidays, and she delivered and then some! The styles you’ll see below are all by Felicia Leatherwood, and the makeup is by Nicole Evans. Stay tuned for her holiday makeup tips! Take it away Felicia!!

When thinking of ways to style your hair for the holidays, think of updo styles. Not only do updo styles look elegant with your holiday fashions, updos also protect your hair from getting snagged when you wear your sweaters and coats for the winter.

Popcorn twist-out puffs

Jazz up your hair with a colorful feather when going to holiday parties! After untwisting your hair, take sections of your hair, fold, tuck and pin to create the popcorn twist out look. This hairstyle works great with dresses, long or short.

Pin Up the Sides

Pin up the sides to add a sleek sides up look and bring out your cheek bones and neck line. This styles works great with low-cut, v-neck and open necklines.

I Love Lucy Afro Puff Style

Create a braided updo w/a curly fro ponytail piece on the front to add more fro to your fro. This style works great with anything in your wardrobe.

Twist-out Swoop

Double strand twist your 4a hair dry after blowing out. Let the double strand twists set over night and unravel. Swoop a portion of your hair across your forehead to add a little bit of naughty to your twistout and pin up the rest.

Holiday TWA.

When it comes to spicing things up with your TWA for New Year parties, accessorize with fancy headbands. You will find these cute headbands in a variety of colors and styles at places like Target and your local beauty supply.

LOVE Felicia’s styles! She’s got me thinking of trying something new – I plan to experiment with twists as a protective style this winter, and I also finally feel ready to rock a feather hair accessory (I’ve always thought they wouldn’t stand out with the texture of my hair!). And I also MUST recommend Claire’s as a source for cool headbands and hair accessories for new naturals. You may wind up shopping next to an eight-year-old, but the prices are right! I just got some AMAZING bobby pins for $1!

What’s your favorite style here?

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  1. ronke lawal says:

    Scrumptious and delightful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Felicia IS magic. I say this because I love her and also because she is a genius when it comes to all things hair. She has a huge heart AND hair healing, growing, and styling hands. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. I love this article. Great information. I now have a few styles to choose from when styling my hair for the Holidays! Great post Afrobella!

  4. Best decision I’ve made for my hair is going BACK natural. I love rockin’ my hair completely chemical free and I can actually say this is the hair I had when I was a kid. Natural hair so freeing, to be able to twist and knot my hair, get caught in the rain and WALK to my car and the best is having a water fight in the tub with my baby. I can’t wait to try all these styles.

    Thanks Felicia!

  5. OMG!! These styles are so fly! I wish Felicia could be everywhere doing natural hair!! I love the holiday looks, keep up the great job!

  6. I am in love with the I Love Lucy Puff! I might try that without added hair because that it so pretty!

  7. I loooooove the style featured in the video. The model looks gorgeous!

  8. D from the P says:

    So much creativity and brilliant styles. The TWA looks beautiful and love the accessory. Great work Felicia!!

  9. I love the energy and enthusiasm she demonstrates in the video. How could you not feel like a million buck after spending some time in her chair?

  10. Felicia is the absolute BEST when it comes to caring for and styling natural hair! She is not only my friend, but she’s my hair’s friend too! : )

    I love the holiday styles, the “how to” video, and everything she offers on her “Loving Your Hair With Natural Care” website. She’s amazing & she takes wonderful care of my hair. Thanks Felicia!

    Thank you for sharing Felicia with your audience. She it truly a gift for anyone with natural hair. I look forward to more articles here on Afrobella featuring Felicia Leatherwood. : )

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE STYLES! Thanks for posting them.

  12. Some creative styles, thanks for sharing some ways to create different looks.

  13. Felicia is an amazing artist. Her natural hairstyles create priceless works of art of a woman’s crown. Living canvases allowing men to see the natural beauty of a woman.

  14. Absolutely Gorgeous! Accessories are a must have for the holidays. Pretty Silk flower, Sequin headbands, Color Wire Coils and those Funky feathers. Oh so cute! I love that “Popcorn Twist Out” style. I created something similar called “a Sophiticate Pinup”

  15. Miss Leatherwood is simply amazin with her craft and her spirit….I truly think without her passion and energy these fly natural hair styles wouldnt be! :)

  16. Loved the video….what a simple yet, chic way to style your hair. The different styles are very elegant and perfect for the holidays! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love the pics and video thanks for posting!

  18. …it’s a wonder how there are people in the world who don’t see natural hair as fly, classy, or jazzy…this SO proves them wrong! Thanks for helping me pick out my NYE hairstyle, now to figure out the clothes.

  19. Wow great tips for the holiday look and everyday styles. Thanks for the info! :)

  20. I have followed you for awhile now and I must say, you are not only a trend setter, but the information that you share with us common people is unleashed!! I can tell and believe that you love what you do!!

    When in ATL please look me up!! Any of these connects will do. ,, @StarKinksHair o twitter or call 678.760.8986. I am a teaching and loving natural hair stylist as well.

    Thank you for what you mean to the natural hair community and lifestyle. Your great!!!

    Angela Yoakum

  21. I love the styles and suggestion that were made. Not only are all the styles very classic and chic, but they are also doable. The Billie Holiday, Lucille Ball, and 1920’s hairdos are fabulous. Bravo!! You are so super creative.

    Dana Lane

  22. Awesome!!!!!
    I am loving the hairstyles and the creativity of Felicia. Such great styles and perfect for those holiday parties!

    Thank you for sharing the inspiration!!!

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