Yes of course, grown folks love Christmas too. But there’s no denying the fact that Christmas is for children. It’s all about seeing those little faces light up, after the perfect present has been opened. I have scoured the internet to find five wonderful gift items for the little afrobellas in your life. Click to order now if you wanna get any of these items in time for December 25th!

Rahel, of the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls.

If you’re against dolls that represent an unrealistic standard of beauty and you want your little girl to play with dolls that she can relate to – you need to know about the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls. Each doll represents a real little girl from a country that could use financial support. When you buy a Hearts For Hearts Girls doll, a portion of the purchase price is donated to children’s causes in those countries.

Rahel is described as “a girl with a giving heart,” and she represents a little girl from Ethiopia. I think she is GORGEOUS, she’s the kind of doll I would have loved as a little girl. The website even cautions on how best to care for her lush curly hair – “Because of the curly nature of Rahel’s hair, we do not recommend harsh brushing or combing. Gentle grooming produces the best results.” Well HEY, that’s a valuable lesson for little girls with natural curls to learn from early on! You can get Rahel at Toys R Us for $24.99.

The Sesame Street I Love My Hair tee.

Everyone LOVED
the original video and the Willow Smith mashup. Not everyone is loving the original choice of model by licensed screenprinting company Mighty Fine. The model has since been removed, BTW – but the tee remains and it is SUPER CUTE. My one complaint – this is a juniors tee that doesn’t come in plus sizes. Hopefully the powers that be at Sesame Street and Mighty Fine recognize their shortsightedness and start providing their styles in larger sizes soon. I’d totally rock this tee if I could! $25.

Products by Cara B Naturally.

Chemical free, all natural, and dedicated to maintaining your little one’s natural beauty – Cara B Naturally is the product line I wish existed when I was a kid. This line of children’s hair and body care products are free of parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial fragrances and preservatives – and the packages come illustrated with a beautiful drawing of the kind of kids the Cara B product line is made for! The gift basket with the entire product line is $60, or if you wanted to put together a girly hair-related gift basket, you could include the $10 moisturizing hair mist and $13 leave in conditioner/daily moisturizer and stop by your nearest Claire’s Accessories to get some colorful hair clips.

Hairbands by Boutique De Bandeaux.

If your little bella has a touch of Willow Smith fashionista in her spirit, then she will L-O-V-E how pretty her hair looks when she wears one of the beautiful natural hair accessories by Boutique de Bandeaux. There are gorgeous statement making headpieces for stylish adults and beautiful brides. And for little ones who love tiaras and such, there’s the “La Soeurette” silver knot headband. The glitzy part is made of lightweight silver tone snake chains, layered and soldered together to create an intricate oversized knot motif. The backing is made of silver grey super-stretchy elastic, and each one is made to order, so it will fit perfectly! $25.

Cool, cute inspirational books like Same Difference and I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair!

You can do the best that you can to reinforce that your little girl is beautiful just the way that she is, and kiss and her and hug her and tell her every day that she is special. But outside forces will do the best to steal her joy. Messages at school and on TV can weigh on your self esteem at a tender age, if left unchecked. So I’m a big fan of buying the kinds of books and sharing the kinds of lessons that inspire and feed a little girl’s self esteem, by letting them know their hair texture and skin color are as perfect, precious, and unique as the snowflakes. Nicole Updegraff’s I LOVE my Cotton Candy Hair! celebrates the unique beauty of natural hair, and Same Difference by C.G Rawles takes on the topic of differences in skin tone between cousins. Both are beautifully illustrated, and perfect for reading aloud with your little girl!

I hope I provided some great suggestions here! What are you getting your little girls for Christmas?



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