Afrobella’s 12 Days of Giveaways – 8 Milani Lip Flash Sets!

2010 has been quite a year. Through the ups and downs, you’ve stuck by me and I am thankful for every one of you! To celebrate 4 years of Afrobella, my site being back up and running, happiness and health – I’m giving you 12 Days of Giveaways!

On the 8th day of giveaways, Afrobella gave to me…8 complete Milani Lip Flash Sets!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know – Milani is one of my favorite brands. Drugstore prices, and some of their cosmetics are seriously department store quality. Their nailpolishes? FIRE. The Black Magic double sided eye pencils? A staple in my makeup arsenal. Their lip glosses? Superb.

True story. Just recently I wound up having a conversation with a random stranger at the grocery store (yes, I’m that lady) about how underrated Milani is. If you see me in the street, ask me. I’m probably wearing some Milani makeup item on my person (if not in my face, then it’s a tube of lipgloss in my purse!) and I will proudly tell you about how much I love it, and how much it costs!

One of my favorite drugstore brands now makes one of my favorite drugstore lip products. Let me proselytize about the glories of Milani Lip Flash.

The quality is awesome, I’ve definitely reviewed high end lip crayons that aren’t as moisturizing or highly pigmented. These are thick, opaque, give great color impact even on darker skintones. For $6.99, these are a STEAL. And the colors? They. Are. Everything. Let me break down my absolute FAVES.

All of the Milani Lip Flash colors are special. Each has some kind of dazzling effect, some are glittery, some are shimmery.

Flashy is sizzling for winter, if you want to add a notice-me pop of color to your look. It’s a deep, hot pink that’s packed with shimmer. Only for the bold.

If you’re feeling a red lip for the holidays (and who isn’t?) you will L-O-V-E Hot Flash, it’s creamy and luxe looking and generally full of win.

Newsflash is probably my favorite. I’m a fool for a dark, sexy purple and this totally fits the bill. It’s a very sultry, holiday cocktail party kind of color. But somehow I’ve been rocking it during the day, when I go out holiday shopping. I love it that much!

Lip Flash is a stunning coppery golden brown that is just GORGEOUS on brown skin tones. Super shimmery, super pretty, so right on for the season.

Every color I’ve tried has been fabulous. And eight of you lucky Afrobella readers will get to find out for yourself!

On the eighth day of giveaways, eight of you will win a complete set of Milani’s Lip Flash pencils. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me – which Lip Flash color do you wanna rock over the holiday season?

This will be a QUICK giveaway – comments close Monday. So hurry up!

There are 8 more days of giveaways left, and 8 more days till Christmas!

Good luck!

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  1. Jasmine C. says:

    I am new to your blog and from what I’ve seen, I will soon be in love. I live to see inspirational sites such as this and I know there is so much I will learn from this one. happy holidays.

  2. Hi Bella,

    I wanna rockin the Lip Flash (MFL-01) Love it!

  3. Detroitgyrl says:

    Ooo. Me likey! I’d love to rock the lip flash color during the holidays.. I like it’s brown neutral tone. Hope I win.

  4. I want to rock the Newsflash Lip Color over the holiday season!! Thanks Afrobella!! :-)

  5. ThisOneWoman says:

    I would love to rock either Lip Falsh or News Flash. I think both would work wonderfully on me. I have been looking for these since I first heard you speak about them months ago but to no avail. Happy Holidays!

  6. I’ll rock News Flash. Actually, I’ll rock them all simultaneously. <—Too much Nicki Minaj lol

  7. I’d absolutely love to rock Flashy, I’ve been playing around more with attention grabbing lip colors as I’m experimenting with my hair…

  8. I would definitely rock Hot Flash!

  9. Crystal g. says:

    I’ve been feeling good and sensuous about myself, and i’ve been needing something deep, rich, and sexy to hit the right fashion statement with this new attitude of mine :-)and i think hot flash could do something to my look.

  10. PrettyinPink1210 says:

    I want to rock the Photo Flash-MFL-04 :-)

  11. I’m a little scared of color, so I’d like to try out star flash first, but hot flash is pretty darn tempting…

  12. Flash Light all the way!!

  13. I wanna rock all of them, but if you make me choose… i’d have to choose Flash. Even if I don’t win I will probably end up buying them anyway!

  14. These are so cute! I’d love to try out Lip Flash.

  15. I’d love to rock the Start Flash! Thanks Afrobella.

  16. I’d love to rock the Star Flash! Thanks Afrobella.

  17. Oh my goodness! I love mixing Milani products with my MAC products! The color palet is crazy gorgeous!

  18. fancyfatfemme says:

    I would love to rock the hot flash!

  19. I have decided to branch out and start wearing reds on my lips so I guess, per your description, I would love to try “Hot Flash”. “News Flash” sounds like a winner too!

  20. Hello Bella, Another GREAT giveaway! Thanks again! :)
    I would LOVE to rock out the LIP FLASH this holiday season. It will look stunning with my brown skin tone!
    Thanks hun!
    Stay Bless!

  21. I want to rock Flash Light for the holidays, but I’d sport Lip Flash or Star Flash for my everyday look. I have to look for these at a different store.

  22. Hot Flash!
    @SBailey7 – Twitter

  23. i have been desperately looking for that perfect red so ill have to go with HOT FLASH!

  24. Bella,

    I’d love 2 rock Lip Flash. I am really feeling that shimmery copper look.


    Savvy Saving Diva aka LaDonya

  25. I would probably try hot flash or in a flash; I haven’t tried a red or purple lip yet, so I’d be excited to see what they look like :)

  26. i’d have to rock flash light or lip flash for the holidays! while flash light goes perfect with my new year’s fit….lip flash can too be rocked on a daily basis! thanks for putting me on to these…i’ll check for them in the stores today! :)

  27. Hey Bella! I’d mix the Lip Flash with a little News Flash. The colors together seem so retro…and I love anything retro!

  28. I was going to say Lip Flash, but I think the holidays give leeway for spicier makeup choices, so I’ll say In A Flash.

  29. I LOVEEEE the photo flash!! Happy Holidays :)

  30. I would definitely rock the “Hot Flash”. Looks like the perfect red for me.

  31. In a flash would be the one for me.

  32. Hi:
    Love the site.I would love to wear the color Flash.Through experiments I found this family of colors enhances my skin tone not too bright but a subtle pretty.

  33. Afrobella,

    News Flash and In A Flash are my choices to rock this holiday season. I love plums and purples. :)


  34. Fool proof application, moisturizing, pigmented . . . .whats not to love?! Sign me up!!

  35. I would love to rock Photo Flash!

  36. I would love to rock “Flashy” for the holiday season. I’m trying to be more daring with my color palette, and that hot pink would be a great way to pucker up for the New Year :-)

  37. I would rock newsflash because I want to try this purple, dark, and sultry lip when I go visit my husband’s family; they already think natural hair is ugly so what better way than to rock a fabulous twistout and fabulous purple lips!

  38. I’m all for mixing shades, so I was thinking News Flash with a little In A Flash would be hot!

    Happy Holidays

  39. I would rock the Lip Flash!

  40. I don’t wear lipstick but since I’ve started belly dancing I need some bright colors for night shows. Bold would be great!!!!!!!! I like the look of these, they just might do the trick!. Yeah!

  41. That lip flash would be fierce!!!!

  42. I wanna rock Lip Flash! The color looks hot!;)Thanks for holding these contest!!!

  43. I would love to try Hot Flash

  44. I want to rock that NewsFlash, I have been dying to try out a purple lip, I think I could pull it off!

  45. Hot flash sound like the color I have been looking for! Perfect for that extra touch of holiday glam. But I will definitely be looking out for all the colors the next time I go to the store.

  46. I would love to try Lip Flash and Star Flash. Lip Flash is a beautiful neutral and Star Flash is funky!

  47. I would looove this. I have been experimenting with bold lip color in the past few months and this would be awesome to ass to my arsenal.

  48. Bianca Chene says:

    I would definitely rock HOT FLASH! I really want to be bold for NYE bc I believe how you bring in NYE sets the tone for the rest of your year will be. Bold shoes, Bold Lip….POW! Bold year!

    And it looks like it will work with my NW45/NC50 skin tone! ;)

  49. Newsflash sounds gorgeous! I am definitely a purple FANATIC, and I would love to be rocking a color like that. I love purple but never thought to put it on my lips. Plus that seems like a hot standout color that I’d love to rock! These would be an awesome addition to my makeup arsenal! :D

  50. I LOVE Photo Flash. I have been looking a bright color to really stand out on the days where I’m either in a rush or feeling lazy and still want one product that is “look at me” worthy. That color with some clean, fresh skin and two coats of mascara will make a run to the grocery store a bit less of a chore. Love your website and I turned my sister on to you as well. Merry Christmas!

  51. Brown-eyed Girl says:

    I would like to rock “Hot Flash.” It will match perfectly with my daily hot flashes, or “power surges,” or “personal summers,” or whatever one prefers to call them!

  52. I can’t choose just one. I’d rock a neutral look with Lip Flash in the daytime and vamp it up in the evening with News Flash.

  53. Lip Flash looks very versital. I definitely have to try that one.

  54. I’d lurve that “Flash Light” and I’d have the song of the same name on repeat in my head. Yay coral reds & brown skin, that’s what’s up!

  55. This has been a challenging year for me, new job, new city,…and I want to start the New Year with News Flash.

  56. Flashy looks gorgeous to me!

  57. After being a certified tomboy for most of life and discovering the world of beauty blogs, Lip Flash would be a great way to to take me out of my comfort zone.

  58. Allison West says:

    I woud love to rock the Lip Flash! Thanks!

  59. Wow, those look like serious colors. Hmm, my color palette is so neutral that I don’t even know where to begin. I think I’d like to just step out there with Hot Flash, bold red lips always looks so good on other people.

  60. I’d love to try Flashy! Rocking the pink lip just seems ultra bold to me!

  61. Oohh I want to rock “Lip Flash”

  62. Lip flash for sure!

  63. Lip Flash is a color i would love to rock

  64. I can’t decide between Photo Flash or Hot Flash. Photo Flash would defnitely have me camera ready and Hot Flash would give me that “oomph” when I want to look muy caliente. Luckily, you’re being very generous in giving us the whole set so maybe this holiday season, I might have the opportunity to wear BOTH! :)

  65. I’d like to rock LIP FLASH in SKU:MFL-05, Red all the way baby!!! Its just too gorgeous!!!

  66. Newsflash! I need some color in my life!

  67. I love News Flash it would be perfect for the holidays especially for the New Year 2011…..Purple Kisses will bring best wishes,lol.

  68. I would rock the Hot Flash. I’ve never tried a red lip but since I’ve been coming into my own style lately I’m very open to trying new things and seeing how they look on me and fit my own unique personality.

  69. I definitely want to try hot flash. I love, love, love reds!

  70. Newsflash :)

  71. I love Milani cosmetics!!! I would like to rock the hot flash red this Christmas!! Milani was on my list =D

  72. I would really like the news flash… although< I could really see myself sporting all the colors!!

  73. As I type this I hear “I wanna rock, I wanna rock right now” in my head, lol… but I wanna rock newsflash. I’m really feelin’ berry colors and dark purples for the winter. :-)

  74. raboyd7989 says:

    I think I would kill the game with Flash Light. It’s a bold red color, and it is time that I took a risk!

  75. i am really digging photo flash. so bright and pretty for the holidays!

  76. I love Milani products. BTW, you can also purchase them at, which is having a 20% off sale right now off everything on its site. I just bought a few Liquif’Eye metallic eye pencils this morning. :)

  77. Oh, I think I’d like Newsflash. :)

  78. I would rock News Flash. I’ve always wanted to try a purple vampy look. Very pretty color!

  79. It’s gotta be the Hot Flash. I’ve been looking for a “killer red” lip color. Something sexy for the season.

  80. OOOH! Just think of all the different looks you can create!

  81. I would absolutely love to have the Lip Flash color. I tend to wear neutral shades of lip color, and the super shimmer of Lip Flash will add a bit of pizzazz to my makeup for the holidays!

  82. love love LOVE Milani’s Lip Flash line. I would def rock Flashy, In a Flash, and PhotoFlash! Those r my favorites.

  83. I love Milani. I think that Hot Flash would be a great holiday color but I’m also feeling Photo Flash.

  84. momof3girlz says:

    I’d love to try them all! I would love to wear Newsflash. I’ve been wearing deep purples all fall, and I think this color would definitely compliment my skin tone. Thanks!

  85. i like news flash. i love a deep purple too! thanks for the giveaway

  86. That’s way to hard a question bella, but if I must choose I would love Photo Flash. Who doesn’t love a hot, sexy fuschia? It’s as exciting as red, and as different as purple. I would totally rock that.

  87. I wanna rock Flash Light over the holiday season

  88. …Maybe a mixture of Hot Flash and Lip Flash…seeing what works together! I love mixing colors, just to see what blends I can make. Loves it! :-)

  89. motherlovin3 says:

    I’d try the News Flash.

  90. Louretha Ginyard says:

    I would rock hotflash and flashlight. I love red lips during the holidays and the fushia color is awesome. I have a coupld of blouses that would look great with.

  91. Lip Flash! that’d be fun

  92. When I’m feeling dark & broody, News Flash will let folks now to tread carefully.
    When I’m chill & laid back, Lip Flash would look banging on my smiling face!

  93. Flashy seems super awesome. Hot pink lips are always a stunning winner!

  94. I would like to try flashy.

  95. SHONDELLE davies says:

    the brown one woooo i got some boots that will set the off with

  96. Photo flash, got to be always ready.

  97. I’m all for the Flashy! Thanks

  98. I would rock Star FLASH

  99. Thanks for the chance! Flash Light is my favourite :)

  100. I love ? love ? love STAR FLASH !

  101. I would love to rock Lip Flash this season. ESPECIALLY for New Year’s Eve.

  102. I think Newsflash is right up my alley! But I’d love to try any of them!

  103. I would rock Hot Flash like it’s my job, because I’ve been playing with a 40s vintage vibe, and nothing completes that look like a bright red lip.

  104. ichoosethesun says:

    Lip Flash is perfect for a GoldenBella like me ;-)

  105. Lip Flash!

  106. News Flash all the way!

  107. Sheree Sanders says:

    I would love the Hot flash!

  108. Hot flash, definitely ;-D!!!!

  109. I would like to rock Hot Flash, Im 14 months natural and i think i could bring more of my naturalnist out with a little color.

  110. I would really love to rock hot flash! I have lost a massive amount of weight recently, so it would definitely complete my “hot mama” vibe I’ve been giving off lately. :)

  111. I love purples so I would definitely rock Newsflash this winter!

  112. I’ve never really rocked a red lip, but I’m inspired to go RED this holiday season! Hot Flash!

  113. I love a good pink on my lip.. I would love to try Flashy!! I won’t lie I have slept on this line..I’ll add to my list of things to try

  114. Lip Flash – I’m all about the earth tones

  115. Starflash, definitely! I used to have a color like this that I used on the center of my lips to make my full lips really look “pookie” and kissable. I can’t find it any more. I use it on top of almost any lip color to get that 3-dimensional color and shine.

  116. Thanks for re-acquainting me with this line. I am admittedly one of the people who has *slept* on Milani. Newsflash would be my choice. Deep purple tends to look really good on me, but it can be hard to find the right one sometimes. It appears to be quite dramatic. :)

  117. I would definitely rock “Hot Flash”! Red is always that “it” color for any kind of season!

  118. Kiwistardust says:

    Ooooh – Lip Flash would fit me to a T! Coppery/earthy colors complement my dark skin tone :)

  119. I think I would like the Hot Flash the most because I want to do something more exciting with my lips now!

  120. arnissha delaney says:

    Hot flash!

  121. Charity Toliver says:

    I would love to rock Newsflash, its very pretty and I love purple!

  122. I would have to say I will rock the hot flash! Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Kimberly Marshall says:

    I would love (hot pink) or (hot red) lips to bring in the New Year..

  124. I would rock the hot flash! Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Flashy is my color!!!! it’s beautiful

  126. Lip Flash seems awesome!! :D

  127. antoinette says:

    I would rock the L-O-V-E Hot Flash…gotta bring out my inner wild child as I bring the new year in

  128. I’d like to rock IN A FLASH over the holidays! <3

  129. Would love to rock the LIP FLASH..could use it for a New Year’s Eve party…my first in about 7 years!!

  130. purple please