It seems we’re all dealing with the same kinds of hair issues at this time of year. Dryness, breakage, and just generally weather-caused brittle, weak, damaged tresses. Yes, I feel you and then some. Hard times, who knows better than I?

So allow me to offer solutions to your hair moisture issues. Here are the nine lucky bellas who will receive a full set of Sofn’Free milk protein and olive oil hair care products!

1 – Hamptonsfnst
2 – I Am Your People
3 – Danielle
4 – Alycia
5 – Maurisha
6 – LaToya S
7 – Marcy
8 – Leisa P
9 – Rosalyn

Congratulations! I’ll be in touch ASAP for your addresses and names.

And PLEASE, if you enter a giveaway, check your inbox regularly! There’s one previous recent contest winner, I’ve e mailed her six times so far. No response. I try to give you at least five days. That’s more than generous. If I get no response after a full work week’s worth of e mails, I gotta move on to the next one.

Alright! On to more giveaways – no worries if you didn’t win this one, there’s more in store this week!



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