Beauty Bloggers Thank You!!

Together with the other bloggers and brands who generously donated products for the auction, we raised a collective $4,916 for Doctors Without Borders.

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I’ll be shipping out the items I donated ASAP. Thank you SO much for supporting the cause!

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  1. How awesome! I’m glad to hear your charity, a very important one at that, went so well. Thank you Afrobella, bloggers and brands for your kindness and showing some holiday spirit.

  2. It was awesome. Thanks for sharing the information. I actually won an item I bid on (not one of yours though:). It’s a great way to raise funds for a great cause. I look forward to participating next year.

  3. Wonderful to hear that you and your fellow bloggers are giving back in tangible ways. Keep it up.

  4. That’s great! Congrats on the goal.

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