Yesterday we teased you with the photo, but today you get to see the real deal!

Actress and comedienne Kim Coles has been wearing her hair in micro-braids since 1991. Before that she wore weaves. Before that, she wore her hair relaxed. But now finally she’s ready to show the world her beauty in its most natural state!

And here she is WORKING it in a tee by Minoritees and as she told me, “Rachel Stewart earrings whom I think I found on YOUR site!” YAY!

Kim explains,

“I have considered myself “natural” for 20 years because I have had no relaxer since 1991. I was not ready to be fully natural using only my own hair because I did not know what products to use. YOU TUBE was a game changer. I have watched you young-ins accept your hair and yourselves and you gave me the courage and the product knowledge to take the leap to be completely authentic… minus the color of course. Please, no judgements there! Can you say GRAY!!!”

When I spoke with her yesterday it really warmed my heart so much to hear her attribute her transition to bloggers like myself and this new generation of natural hair rockers. “It’s time! I was fully inspired by the natural hair community. You girls have been the vanguard!”

Kim made sure to explain that her new style isn’t meant to be any kind of statement, beyond a personal one.

“This is not a political statement, I will try to stay away from debating what is more ‘natural”. I am content with my description for me. Nor will I be pushing others to take the steps that I am taking. I think that you get to chose your kind of beauty. I do however want us all to be honest with ourselves as why we make the choices that we do. All of the choices… not just hair.”

I cosign that completely – and so often we can get caught up in judging or questioning the way others choose to express their ideas of beauty. Let’s leave that in 2010 where it belongs!

Kim Coles has been rocking her new short ‘do for about a week now, and she’s getting used to being a new natural woman. “I feel free and scared and excited but ready to show the outer manifestation of some inner work that I have been doing. I figured why not show the REAL authentic me. I am shifting in other areas of my life too and my hair is just the beginning of what I will begin to show the world.”

I can honestly say from having interviewed her and having met her, Kim is an amazing woman through and through and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Kim. You can keep up with her at or, and please show her love on her new natural hair on Twitter or Facebook!

oh and PS: she added “BTW the box of hair under my bed is the container of loose hair that I use for braiding to answer the comment on the post!” You won’t be needing that box anymore! Welcome to Team Natural, Kim!!



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