It’s 2011, and the plan for Afrobella is to be bolder and braver than before! So I figured it’d be best to kick things off than with a Monday Manicure that takes no prisoners.

TA-DOW! Disco ball nails! It’s the kind of manicure that’s either totally up your alley, or not your cup of tea at all. If you like your nails pale, pink and opaque – this may make you clutch your pearls. But if you get down with glitter any day of the week, you need Milani’s Jewel FX rockstar polishes in your life.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn polish this sparkly before. This is a make-your-grocery-store-cashier gasp aloud manicure.

Nails this blingy demand fingerless gloves.

(BTW I got these from Avon! Yes, Avon makes gloves! And scarves. Who knew?)

Most of the other polishes in the Jewel FX collection are made with a more traditionally fine glitter. But Milani’s gold, gems and silver glitter polish take the wow factor up a notch. This isn’t glitter, it’s more like a dense layer of miniature sequins in a clear nailpolish base. You can’t paint it on easily (the discs kind of need to be laid flat, and sometimes it can be tricky to fill in spots that have been left glitter-deficient). I found the most success with a kind of spackling method, just applying blobby dots of polish until my nails were completely covered.

Check out Scrangie for a review of the rest of the collection!

If you’re more conservative, this Milani Jewel FX polish would make for an excellent accent nail paired with a dark manicure, and if you’re super duper skilled you may even come up with some cool nail art with it. I, unfortunately am not that skilled. But hey, here’s to sparkly nails and stepping up my manicure skills in 2011!

What do you think, bellas? Is this Milani Jewel FX mani up your alley, or much too much?



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