Spring Makeup Tips from Afrobella’s Makeup Expert, Meagan Sheá!

Bellas, in the almost 5 years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve more or less done it alone. I have been very hesistant to share my baby with anyone, and while I’ve done very rare guest posts here and there it hasn’t been an ongoing thing. Until now. Get ready to see some new faces and read some new voices here on Afrobella.com. I’ve curated a small group of truly wonderful contributors who will be sharing advice from their various fields of expertese. Allow me to introduce the first official Afrobella.com contributor – Meagan Sheá.

Who is Meagan Sheá?

Colorful is just one word used to describe the Baltimore, Maryland born & Los Angeles, California raised Meagan Sheá (pronounced MEE-gan shay). Whether it’s from art, fashion, music, mythology or the streets outside of her window she draws inspiration for her looks from the Universe around her.

Meagan Sheá specializes in beauty, runway, editorial, commercial, as well as make up for television. She has worked with photographers, designers, and fellow creatives from all over the world.

Meagan always thinks outside of the box & continues to ensure that perspective is reflected in each piece of her work.

Meagan Sheá is based in the Maryland/DC area and frequently travels for work.

You can find Meagan’s work all over the web – at her own site, on Dripbook.com, on Facebook, and on Tumblr.

Take it away Meagan!

It’s Spring Again!

Hello Lovelies! I’m Meagan (you say that MEE-gan) and I’m new around here. I’m thinking we’ll be great friends very soon. I love makeup, so if you are like me, pull up a seat and prepare to get ready for some industry info!

Spring is OFFICIALLY here, and I am OFFICIALLY happy! The sun will be shining, there’ll be a nice crisp breeze, flowers will be blooming galore and beautfiul colors will be everywhere! To lovers of makeup, that means, it’s time to go shopping for or look in our stash for the hot colors of the season. Everybody jump up and get excited! No more snow!

At the top of every season I go out & purchase magazines that review collections for the season, as a makeup artist I gain inspiration from designers choices of color, pattern and texture. It also gives me an idea of what will be hot that season. After doing some research & catching up on the runway shows for S/S 2011, from last Fall, I noticed a few trends. Here are the trends including product suggestions for you to try!

Trend #1: Purple Eyeshadow
Purple looks great on warmer skin tones! Experiment with different shades, from lilac to violet, plum to royal purple and my fave for a smokey eye – eggplant!

photo courtesy of Essence Online
Product Suggestion: Make Up For Ever’s EyeShadow #92 (left) – $19
Product Suggestion: MAC Grape Pigment (right) – $19.50

Trend #2: Bold Fuchsia Lipstick
This trend takes me back to the 80’s when my Mom would wear her Wet & Wild fuchsia lipstick. I love to wear it, and in my opinion it looks best on women of color. When the warmth of our skin meets that bold pinkish/purple – it’s like a beautiful color combo explosion!

photo courtesy of Getty Images

Product Suggestion: Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artiste Intense #36 – $19
Product Suggestion: MAC Lickable – $14.50

Trend #3: Coral Blush
This trend is tricky – simply because oftentimes brands don’t have a coral deep enough or warm enough for our deeper skin tones. This is where you MAY have to get creative. If you can’t find a coral blush deep enough – USE AN EYESHADOW!!! For the past two years I’ve used a NARS eyeshadow (Emanuelle) as my blush. True beauty is all about thinking OUTSIDE of the box!

The color to the right is more orange for women with a deeper complexion. For my complexion, I’d like to blend the two color together for a PERFECT coral blush!

Product Suggestion: Illamasqua Cream Blush in RUDE (left) – $24
Product Suggestion: Illamasqua Cream Blush in LIBIDO (right) – $24

SIDE NOTE: With deeper complexions and this trend I recommend using a CREAM BLUSH instead of a powder to avoid an ashy look on the cheeks. The cream will blend into the skin more, not to mention cream blush is really hot this season!!!

Trend #4: Gold/Bronze Metallic Smokey Eye
Can you say HAUTE! This look is simply gorgeous on EVERY AND ANYBODY. It can be played up and made dramatic, or kept simple and elegant. The colors are so soft it works either way.

photos courtesy of Essence Online

Product Suggestion: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Baked – $17
Product Suggestion: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in SMOG – $17
Product Suggestion: NARS Cream Eyeshadow in Savage – $23
Product Suggestion: NARS Eyeshadow in Galapagos – $23
(product suggestions listed from left to right)

SIDE NOTE: If you want a really smokey eye remember to line your upper lash line with a black eyeliner or a cream black eyeshadow, smudge upward and then put the color used for an accent over the black cream and blend up above the crease in the eyelid.

Ladies, go out and paint those faces with this beautiful array of Spring colors! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember, it’s okay to try fun, new things! It’s only makeup, it’ll wash off! :o

Peace, Love & Paint.

Please leave a comment for Meagan and make her feel welcome! What do you think bellas? Which of these trends will you be trying yourself?

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  1. Welcome Meagan! Love the post – very fun. :) I think I’ll be trying the gold eye and fuchsia lip this season. I love coral blush, but use a powder…I may give the cream a go. :)

    • Thank You!!! Come back & let me know how it turns out!!! I am pretty sure I’m going to go for the coral blush.

      Creams are awesome because they look more natural & like second skin. They melt/fuse into the face & don’t really sit atop the skin the way a light powder can…

  2. paintgurl40 says:

    welcome!i think i want to try trends 1 and 4!

  3. Trend number three is a must for me. I love NARS products, I’ll have to check out Emanuelle. Libido looks like a winner too.

    • Have fun!!!

      Emanuelle MIGHT be discontinued… However, Dolce Vita blush is very close. I have that on stand by for when I run out of the eyeshadow! LOL

  4. yay! Welcome Megan!Love the detailed review, and equally excited for Spring!

  5. Thank you Meagan!!! I am forever searching for make-up tips for women of color, so your addition to the Afrobella team is most welcomed :-)

  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah for Meagan Shea!!!! Baltimore in the his-ouse :)

    Much love to my beautiful, and yes, colorful cousin! You got me to try green eyeshadow a few years ago and I’m still rocking my Urban Decay palette! (Oops! Maybe it’s time for a new one?)

    Watch out, y’all! I’m trying the fuchsia lip next!

  7. 5 years? You are absolutely great, congrats! About the post, ill try purple version, i think its incredible!

  8. I LOVE trend number two. Fuchsia and magenta are my favorite colors(even a deep ignorant pink lol) and I’ve made it my mission to make everyone I know believe that it’s the best thing ever!

  9. welcome Meagan!!! Ha.. I guess my teen daughter was onto something with that fuschia lipstick.. are orangey reds back in also? I’m going to try that metallic smokey eye look.. I like that..

    I look forward to reading more of you and thank you Bella for introducing me 2 her work!

    • BK!!! ORANGEY REDS ARE TOTALLY IN!!! That was another trend I noticed, however I wanted to focus on the top 4!!! Look at you, totally in the know!!! :o)

  10. Thank you! I love the ideas. You’ve inspired me to try some different colors.

  11. Welcome Meagan! This post is wonderful, and so helpful. You’re off to a fabulous start, and I can’t wait to read more from you.

  12. Willa Harris says:

    Thank You for the great trends.

  13. warrior11209 says:

    Welcome Meagan! Love trend #2

  14. as a fellow makeup lover, I will be trying out most of these trends. Im im love with my eyes so the eyeshadows will be first on my list! And meagan I love your post, i look forward to reading more from you!

    • Coco, I’m excited for you! These trends are fun & very simple. You can get a little funky with the eyeshadows too… I look forward to giving you guys more content!!! Thanks!!!

  15. Coral cream blush N metallic smokey eye n fuchsia sounds dif too. Great article!

  16. Thanks Ola!

  17. Yaaaaay make-up!!! *Runs to the Mac store*. Great blog M-Boogie!!

  18. simply excellent, Miss M:) Brava!

  19. Hadn’t planned on putting on purple eyeshadow today, but since I’ve got some in the house… :)

    Welcome, Meagan! Looking forward to learning from you.

  20. Vivrant Thang says:

    Welcome Meagan! Looks like Bella has placed a piece of her baby in good hands. I love your look, which is of course important to me when following a MUA’s advice. I will check out your other spots and since you’re local, hope to meet you at an event since I say I’m going to start really making an effort to learn how to beat my face :)

    Glad to see the purple shadow trend is in. Just rocked that yesterday. Love that look. Also do a lot of bold pink lips and golds mostly in the summer. Get lots of compliments on my summer “bronzed look.” Not a blush wearer, mostly because I end up looking like Homey D. Clown. Those colors are hawt tho. Probably what I’m missing from my look.

    Love how you did the color swatches. Definitely adding some of these to my list.

    Can’t wait for more!

    • Well hello there!!! Thank you for those kind words!!! Maybe we will get to meet at an event! :D

      You’re already ahead of the curve! If you’re afraid of blush, that’s why cream is great – it’s much easier to maneuver & blend!!!

  21. Welcome Meagan! Excited to see you here. Ok well I have the UD Naked Palette and I just love it. Smog and Baked are my fave colors. So I’m covered there. I’m trying to stick my toe in the water of colors so I was thinking about Bobbi Brown’s Peony and Python palette. It has the lavender, purple, violet, grays and some taupe-y looking stuff in there. What do you think of that palette for us darker skinned ladies? The MUA at the counter put some colors on me and I think it was ok, but I think I’m just scared to do colors. The UD palette is “safe” for me but I really want to try Trend #1. Could I do that with BB’s palette? How would you suggest I use it?

    • I love Bobbi Brown’s foundations, I’ve never tried her shadows though. The two that I suggested are going to DEFINITELY work on darker skin tones. I don’t want to say NO to the Peony & Python palette (wow. say that three times), however I’m not sure about it.

      If any of the color look similar to what I’ve swatched, you’re good to go… ALSO, remember what I said Shellon – it’s just makeup, it’ll wash right off! Try it on when you get home from work or on a Saturday morning, just to practice. That’s how you get your looks together – PRACTICE!!! :)

      You’ll never know unless you try, dear!!!

  22. LOVING this article, Meagan! I’m going to need that Illamasqua ‘Libido’ blush, like, today.

    • Thanks BABE!!! You KNOW I appreciate your input… My FGB!!! ;)

      Illamasqua is the TRUTH!!! It’s so slept on, i LOVE the pigment & the texture!!!

  23. Hi there.
    A very great article, i like it. I like all of those trends you’ve posted, esspecialy the fourth one.

  24. I absolutely adore purple eyeshadow and I really want to try the look.

    The orangey blush looks a lot like NARS’ Taj Mahal to me, which I want to get my hands on as soon as I get the time. I might look into your suggestion instead…

    • Tara, keen observation!!! It DOES look a LOT like Taj Mahal! This one is a cream though, which will look a WHOLE LOT more natural & will sink into your skin a lot better.

      You know your blush, honey!!!

  25. Hi Meagan! I absolutely love purple eyeshadow! I rocked the MUFE purple aquacream with NARS Daphne and a cream colored MAC pigment (can’t remember the name) on Sunday. I am getting good at picking colors that go together and I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Will you give us application techniques too?

    Bella, you rock! Thank you for this blog…

    • CONGRATS!!! Being able to select proper colors is essential!!! Thanks for the kind words, and from time to time I will give some tips on application… :)

  26. I love Solange liptstick

  27. TY for the tips.
    I was search far and wide for the best way to rock my fuchsia lips.
    I will test your technique tonight for work.
    I work for NYCTA on the subway tracks and I’m always searching for creative ways to “maintain my sexy”.

    P.S.Ideas for the coral cheeks…genius!

    • Thanks Denise!!!

      Rock on honey, with the fuchsia lips!!! I hope it, no – I KNOW it will look GREAT!!!

      And we always have to maintain our sexy, by any means necessary!!! ;)

  28. DallasUCMR says:

    Check out and help create a video for Michael Jackson’s single “Behind The Mask” here>>>http://bit.ly/hjz7bj!!!!The top clips will be selected and weaved into the video by directors and will be unveiled the first week in April!!!

  29. Michelle says:

    And to think my friends thought I had simply lost my mind rocking my blue eyeshadow on Saturday and my purple on Sunday…LOL. Love Color, thanks for letting everyone know it’s alright! Welcome Meagan, hope to learn much more from you.

    • Honey, wear your colors!!!

      Thanks for the lovely welcome & I hope that you’re able to learn something from all the yapping I’m about to do about makeup! :)

  30. All the trends are fab. Thanks for sharing and welcome. Good to have you on Bella.

  31. Meagan…so looking forward to regular entries from you! As a newly single bella, I’ve rediscovered a love for makeup. I’m having so much fun!

    I totally agree about the blush trend. My makeup artist/friend hipped me to Nars’ shadow in Taj Mahal (what they describe as burnt orange with shimmer). It’s awesome on my medium complexion. The keys he shared with me: (1) a little goes a long way, and (2) BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!!!

    • Kat,

      Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to being a resident around these parts… Congrats on your rediscovered love for makeup! It is fun & should be viewed as such. Never take it too seriously! Afterall, you know what I say, “IT ALL WASHES OFF!”

      NARS is my FAAAAAAVORITE for blush. The pigment is so intense & they have LOVELY colors for ALL skin tones. I appreciate that in a brand. Taj Mahal is AWESOME! The cream from Illamasqua in the swatch I posted is similar, just without shimmer/sheen.

      BE AWARE, you make up friend was RIGHT. a little NARS blush goes a LONG LONG LONG way & you MUST blend. A funny story about my first NARS blush – I wasn’t used to it & put it on too heavy… HONEYCHILE, I LOOKED LIKE MRS. CLAUS!!! I had to take that stuff down with foundation because it was HEAAAAAVY!!!

      Have fun and I look forward to hearing about what you’re doing with your makeup!

  32. Tabatha says:

    Meagan, thank you for the wonderful makeup tips! I love all thing pink and purple but I have been leaning toward thegold/bronze look.

    • Tabatha!

      You’re welcome, love!!! I love purple makeup, especially on deeper complexions!

      I had a photoshoot last night & I used Bronze & FUCHSIA on the model… Now I propose you try THAT!!! FYI: THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL COLOR COMBO… ;)

  33. Dee Dee Russell says:

    Love everything you wrote especiall using orange bronze eyeshadow as blushes!

    Congratulations on this new gig and continued best wishes to Afro Bella!

  34. I love this post! Having the colors practically demonstrated on your skin is extremely helpful.

  35. Thanks, Purple!!! That’s good to know the swatches on my skin helped – I will keep that in mind!!! :)

  36. ooo – i am all over the eggplant!! meagan shea you are the best – if i come out looking HALF as fine as your picture i will be your disciple forevah!!


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