It’s the product you use every morning that can set your day in the right direction. I don’t know about you but it definitely makes a big difference to me, when I wake up and take a deliciously warm shower with a truly awesome body wash. In my line of work I’m lucky enough to try a variety of brands and believe me, not every bodywash out there is a winner. Even sometimes within a brand that makes a few great formulas or scents, there can be a dud. So through extensive trial and error, I present to you the most consistently awesome bodywash brands, as in – regardless of scent or new formulation, I assure that you’ll be picking up something worth your hard-earned cash!


Nourishing, pampering, and decadently rich – just about every one of Dove’s body washes is consistent in quality and generally full of win. Some of their newest varieties are especially awesome. The Shea Butter Cream Oil Body Wash is a recent favorite – mildly scented with warm vanilla and brown sugar, but not in an “I smell like a cookie” way at all. Dove’s trademarked NutriumMoisture technology is formulated to melt into your skin and it delivers. After using this body wash, you may not feel the need for a moisturizer at all. And now Dove’s just come out with specific skincare issue targeting body washes. The VisibleCare bodywashes come in two types – Softening and Renewing. I was lucky enough to try the Softening kind out, and ooooh bellas. If you’re prone to dry skin patches and winter skin issues, this could be just what the doctor ordered.


Softsoap is one of those bodywash brands that has a wide variety of scents and textures, but you know that just about any kind you try will make your morning shower experience that much better. I’m especially a fan of their body butter infused washes , the coconut scrub is gentle and smells divine, and the vanilla scented mega moisture Softsoap body wash was a winter essential for me! Decadent and delicious for your skin.

C.O Bigelow

You’re probably familiar with some of C.O Bigelow’s other products – Rose Salve remains a beauty editor essential. But I’m telling you, look below the surface to try the products you might not have tried before. Just about everything I’ve tried from this brand is a winner. Their body cleansers are basic and to the point. Effective and deliciously scented. You can get their body wash in invigorating morning fragrances like “lime & coriander” or “rosemary mint,” but to me their coconut body wash is everything. Available at Bath and Body Works for $12 a pop.

Neutrogena Rainbath

The original scented Neutrogena Rainbath to me, will forever rank in the top 5 best body washes of all time. I have to admit some sentimentality here – Rainbath was my mom’s bodywash of choice in a time when I really wanted to smell like a grown woman. So to me, Rainbath is forever the scent of mature, desirable womanhood. The original Neutrogena Rainbath is a classic because it has the fabulous, one of a kind fragrance and heady bubbliciousness of a department store wash, at drugstore prices. It’s hard to top that. Now Neutrogena’s got a few additional varieties – grapefruit and Shower and Shave – but the original remains my favorite.


Maybe you’re like me and grew up with that iconic navy blue jar on your mom’s dresser. Because of that blue jar, to me Nivea has always represented deep, penetrating, essential skin moisture. And they didn’t stop at just body lotions with that credo – their bodywashes ROCK too! Each Nivea body wash has a different property, for whatever your skincare desires are, so it’s up to you whether you’d like a Touch of Sparkle or a Touch of Cashmere for date night. Every one I’ve tried leaves my skin touchably, irresistably soft. Love everything about them!

Those are the top body wash brands I always am happy with. Did I miss your fave? Tell me in the comments!



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