Today’s the day. It’s the summer solstice. June 21. Today, the MAC Bloggers Obsession collection will be officially on sale! And now YOU TOO will be able to rock All Of My Purple Life.

All of My Purple Life MAC Bloggers Obsession Lipglass by Afrobella

If you visit, you’ll find All Of My Purple Life is the first lipglass in the tinted lipglass category. Last night when it was discovered that it was already available, there was a FRENZY on Twitter and Facebook. People are already talking about buying multiple tubes so they can host giveaways and hoard some for themselves, because once these six weeks pass, this lipglass is scheduled to be gone baby gone. As soon as the official launch page is up, expect a follow up post!

When I came up with this color I wanted it to be THE perfect purple for women of color. To make sure I had achieved my goal, I asked two MAC chemists to try on the color with me. So here I am with Gaitri and Stella, two of MAC’s chemists in Canada, and all of us are rocking the first batch of my purple with subtle sparkle lipglass, All of My Purple Life!

MAC Blogger Obsession Collection Afrobella

Gaitri is from Guyana. Stella is from Jamaica. I loved working closely with Caribbean women on this color. It made the MAC labs feel like…home. Kinda!

MAC Blogger Obsession Collection Afrobella The Makeup Girl

Having a moment of deep conversation with Lianne The Makeup Girl!

Another part of the Bloggers Obsession collection that made the experience SO special, was sharing it with my friends. Lianne Farbes and Amber Katz are my homegirls. Lesley of Lipstick Powder and Paint is a sweetheart. Christine of Temptalia and Karen of MBB are ladies I look up to so so much, and they’re my Twitter amigas. Wendy of Nitrolicious is super cool, and Aileen of Shades of U and Lily of Beauty Maverick were such sweethearts. We were all so absolutely blessed to just BE there.

I promise to swatch the whole collection and show you how ALL of the Bloggers’ Obsession colors look on brown skin ASAP, but for now I want to share photos from this amazing photoshoot I did last week!

MAC Blogger Obsession Collection Afrobella

makeup by Bisi Essien of Crystal Eyez and photos by Cadence Gamache

Chicago makeup artist Bisi Essien of Crystal Eyez and photographer Cadence Gamache made me feel like a QUEEN. The shoot was their vision, and I was so honored and happy with the whole experience! (click here to follow Bisi on Twitter!)

I met Bisi when she did the INCREDIBLE makeup for The Red Pump Project fashion show, and when she heard I was coming out with a MAC lipglass of my very own design, she was like WE MUST DO A PHOTO SHOOT!! Bisi was familiar with Cadence’s amazing work. Doing this shoot with both of them was so much fun and they made me feel so comfortable and beautiful.

makeup by Bisi Essien, photography by Cadence Gamache

This is All Of My Purple Life layered over a teeny bit of OCC’s lip tar to bring out that purple pizzazz. If I might say so myself, the color is HOT.

Afrobella all of my purple life MAC lipglass

What I love about it is that it’s dark and opaque enough to stand on its own, but when you layer it over other colors it brings out the sparkle and complexity. I think this color goes so beautifully with brown lips, bringing out the beauty in our natural lip color. I did a quick video for YouTube so you all can see it.

My beautiful bellas, I can’t thank you enough for your love and support. Without you, this dream would never have come to fruition. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I can’t wait to see how YOU rock All Of My Purple Life.

I made it based on my own favorite color, but I made it with YOU in mind. I made this in the hopes that it would be the perfect purple lippie for women ALL shades of beautiful. So please, if you buy it – take a photo of yourself rocking it and send it to me, I will be sharing your beautiful photos right here on

Quite a few of my besties in the blogosphere also blogged about All Of My Purple Life, so click here to read about it on The Fashion Bomb, Coco and Creme and Beautylish. Thank you for supporting this amazing moment for us!!

The MAC Bloggers Obsession collection will be sold ONLINE ONLY at for 6 weeks, starting (today) June 21.

Limited edition, baby! I wish it was available in my homeland of Trinidad and around the world. Stay tuned for a special giveaway for international readers right here on Afrobella!

Will you be buying from the MAC Bloggers Obsession collection?



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