Thank You!!!

Once again, you’re reading the Best Fashion or Beauty Blog – thanks to your votes, and the ever-amazing Black Weblog Awards!
Bellas, I know I’ve said this before…but I REALLY didn’t expect to win this year. I have been so extremely blessed and lucky to have recieved as many Black Weblog Awards nominations and awards as I have in the past 5 years. The fact that after this long you all are still nominating me and voting for me…it really means so so much.

Five years in the game and despite all of the amazing things that have happened so far, I still have my moments of struggle and doubt. During any given week I beat myself up because I wasn’t able to get a post up in a timely fashion. I know I can be too wordy — sometimes I wish I could just post a question or a blog post that’s less than 200 words. But when I start writing it just goes and goes and goes forever. I am always thinking of ways I could do what I do, better. So to get this validation from you – the readers I respect and cherish so very much — it’s just so incredibly touching and meaningful and DEEP. All I can keep saying is thank you, thank you, thank you.

At the Dave Matthews Band Caravan concert last night in Chicago, he ended the set with his cover of Sly and the Family Stone’s classic. It felt so appropriate and perfect, because I felt SO thankful for everything. For being at the concert with my husband, for having won this award, for my friends who celebrated on my behalf in Los Angeles at the Blogging While Brown/Black Weblog Awards ceremony (hosted by Kim Coles! And Luvvie accepted my award for me!) And for you, bellas. Especially for you.

I promise to keep the great content coming on I’ve also said this before and I’ll say it again — the best is yet to come!

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  1. Patrick Grell Jnr. says:

    Congratulations Patrice! As Bobby Flay says; “Keep doing what you do!”

    Proud of you little sister!


    Would love to have you feature my uneek accessories….Thanks. Joyce Loures-Jackson


    I have only recently discovered you, but I have went back through several posts and feel like I’ve been with you since the beginning!!! I love your blog and can only BEG you to continue being the best. It’s for my own sanity’s sake!!!

  4. Wow, congratulations, Patrice! You’ve most certainly made a name for yourself in the beauty industry and online. Keep up the momentum, education and inspiration!
    All the best,

  5. Aretha T. says:

    Congrats!!! This is my first full year being natural (without weaves and braids) and I was drawn to your blog because you really know how to make us feel good about ourselves inside and out! You deserve this!!

  6. Nice one Pooks!….proud of you girl!

  7. Congrats Ms.Bella! Stay focussed, continue to work hard, and above all give thanks verbally but also by mentoring.

  8. Congrats on your win at The 2011 Black Web Awards!!!

    Hard works pays off:)


  9. Wow! Congratulations!

  10. Have you done a review for the It Works ultimate body applicator? I sell them, and I’d love for you to do a review on your blog. :)

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