All Of My Purple Life and the MAC Blogger’s Obsession Collection is BACK For a Limited Time Only!

Bellas, what a wild and crazy amazing experience this MAC Blogger’s Obsession collection has been!

All Of My Purple Life MAC Bloggers Obsession

photo by Cadence Gamache

The collection hit on June 21, and I don’t think MAC was ready for the frenzy. My friends Temptalia and Lianne the Makeup Girl had their eyeshadows sell out within days, and my lipglass, All Of My Purple Life, sold out in just a week.

There was a waitlist on the site for a bit, but FINALLY I’m happy to announce that All Of My Purple Life, and all of the lipglasses and eyeshadows from the Blogger’s Obsession Collection, are back on the MACCosmetics site right now! And finally you can see behind the scenes video of our experience at the MAC factory!

Click here to check out my special landing page at MAC And click here to buy ASAP, because once this is gone, baby it’s GONE.

MAC Bloggers Obsession All Of My Purple Life

And international bellas, I haven’t forgotten you. Stay tuned for a special giveaway just for you loyal Afrobella readers who don’t live in the US or Canada. There’ll be LOTS of really awesome giveaways in the month of August, to celebrate FIVE years of Afrobella!

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  1. Anisa Green says:

    @Afrobella I’m Soooooo glad it’s back! Let me jump on the site right now!! & on the phone to spread this wonderful news! Congrats again sweetness! I’m very happy for the colloabo!

  2. Yay! I just ordered mine.

  3. KitttayAfro says:

    I was so excited to get that notifacation email that I bought two! Let the mailbox stalking begin. :)

  4. Thank you for the heads up – I just ordered mine and I cannot wait to get it!!!!

  5. I just ordered TWO All of My Purple Life. I’ll probably wish I bought more!!!

  6. Hey I was so surprised and happy when I got my MAC email update that once more your lipstick and some of the other makeups in this Collection are available.

    I liked seeing “behind the scenes” and it is interesting to note that either a painting, movie or a line in song were some of the influences of these bloggers.

    I think this venture will result in even more such hookups with cosmetic, perfume and maybe even technology based commodities with your Blogger Crew.

    Again kudos and keep living the dream!

  7. Cynthia says:

    As a fellow lover of any and all things purple, thank you for creating this wonderful lipglass!

    I was wondering if you ever got around to swatching all the colours from this collection? Since this is only available online, I’m relying heavily on swatches on various skintones to help me decide. :)

  8. L'afrique cest chic says:

    Loooooooooooove it!

  9. crystal g. says:


  10. I tried to get “All My Purple Life” back in late June but it sold out. I bought two on yesterday with the free shipping. The password for shipping is BLOGS.

  11. I’m excited that it’s back too! When you first announced it, they sold out quick! I just bought mine today. Purple is one of my fav colors-a sign of royalty. Also the color of my blog. :-) So excited for you and inspired by your journey. Rock on!

  12. I’m very tempted. It’s a lovely colour. :)

    BTW a free shipping code for Canada is WONDER

  13. I JUST BOUGHT THREE more All My Purple Lifes (lives?) lol!! AND I am wearing it today and have gotten so many compliments on it. I also bought a blush and eyeshadow. Just tell MAC to add your color as a permanent lipglass option. :) (Or they can bring it back at Christmas time, just in time for my national holiday AKA birthday!!)

  14. I love this color, it looks beautiful on you. I’m also a huge Prince fan so I loved that you got your inspiration from him!

  15. I love this color! I am placing my order!

  16. Digital Coyote says:

    I bought one. I’ve got my fingers crossed and hope it will work for me. Colors usually aren’t my friend.

    Are there things you should do before using a “lip glass”? I ask because the last hot lip thing I tried (stains) looked horrible unless your lips were already perfectly exfoliated and moisturized before the product was applied.

  17. Ordered 4!!!! I know when MAC says “Limited Edition”, they mean it. I’d hate to get to the bottom of my tube and have no more. So excited its back…All My Purple Life is beautiful on every1 I’ve seen it on. CONGRATS AGAIN AFROBELLA!!!!!!

  18. I love this color but am afraid I can not pull it off. Im NC43 what do you think?

  19. I love MAC for honoring these beautiful women with a passion for fashion!!!! All of my Purple Life is gonna be too cute when I wear it on my trip to MIA!

  20. This is great! Just want to say you inspire me. I’m on a weight loss journey and will be purchasing all of my purple life as a treat to myself. I’ve never worn purple lip glass before so I’m excited about receiving it. I think I’ll be able to pull it off lol. Keep being successful bella and God bless!

    – Seleema

  21. DARQUEPYNK says:


  22. Well all of the lipglasses and eyeshadows from the Blogger’s Obsession Collection, are back on the MACCosmetics site now…Nice one…

  23. I just ordered it!! When I tried was sold out!! Can’t wait to get it!!

  24. I didn’t think I was brave enough to wear this color (“full makeup” for me = clear gloss and some mascara… I don’t even own a foundation!), but I finally took the plunge and ordered yesterday. I just kept seeing so many beautiful photos and videos with it. I can’t wait to try it out!

  25. Ariel Jones says:

    I need All My Purple Life to be unSold Out. I tried it for the first time yesterday and I’m praying fervently that I didn’t miss out. :(

  26. Got mine! It is GORG… should’ve ordered at least two!

  27. AFFFRRRROOOBELLLLLLLLLLA!!! I LUV IT!!! Got mine today! I ordered TWO!!! LOL!

  28. Hi ladies this question is properly a stretch but is anyone willing to sell me one of their All My Purple Life lip glasses? Just spoke with a customer service rep from MAC who said they are currently sold out and have no idea if this color will come back out. It’s such a beautiful color. I would love to wear it! No disrespect afrobella I just love this color and can’t get it.

  29. Apparently this will be a collector’s item. It is sold out on the site and is selling at 2x the price on eBay. Way to go!

  30. I got mine yesterday, and tried it out this morning. All I can say is, I wish I’d gotten two or three! I was so afraid that it might be too high fashion for day wear, but I loooove it. It’s a great fall color. Thanks, Afrobella!

  31. Afro Chi says:

    Hiii Afrobella!!

    First of all let me say congrats on everything that you’ve achieved and may many more successes cross your path ( i’m sure they will)…Now I live in the Netherlands..Rotterdam to be exact..And I visited your blog today, to realize that I’ll probably NEVERR EVERRRR will be the proud owner of this fabulous there any chance they will be sold online EVER again? The colour is giving me life..



  32. Yes Afrobella, thank you–I saw the MAC email notifying me and this time I hurried up and ordered–yea!!!! It’s beautiful!!!! What lip pencil did your artist use on you to make that color pop, you and I appear to be the same color hue (you maybe slightly lighter). I have perfect pink lips (someone told me) and this just doesn’t look the same on me as you(color on your look nicely luscious)

  33. MichelleUK says:

    Pants!!! I tried both the US and UK sites and CANNOT get this at all, GUTTED!!

  34. Hi, just wondering if Mac is going to restock All My Purple Life? It’s the only lipglass in the collection that’s sold out. I bought two, when it was offered the second time around. Somehow I had some people over my house and somehow my second, one disappeared. I should have had it locked up, lol. Any idea? They really should offer your shade in the stores or bring back as a repromote later.

    Great job on the shade. I get a lot of compliments.


  35. Can anyone tell me where i can still get All My Purple Life? I’m in NY and searched and this color i must have HELP!


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