Anu Prestonia isn’t just a hairstylist. She’s the owner of one of New York’s most well known and well respected natural hair salons, Khamit Kinks, she blogs about her experiences as a stylist and natural hair expert, and she dispenses hair advice and inspiration via Facebook and Twitter. Anu is widely respected as a natural hair expert. So it’s an honor to feature her wisdom and photographs of her work here on Afrobella!

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Beautiful natural bride, styled by Khamit Kinks

At Anu’s salon, Khamit Kinks, natural hairstyles for brides can be as ornate or as simple as you want. I reached out to Anu to ask her for her top 5 tips for natural haired brides, and I hope they help you plan your look for your own special day!

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1) Plan ahead. Make an appointment for a consultation early on to determine what style would best suit the style of your wedding. You may even decide to try the style out months ahead of time if that is possible.

2) Consider whether you style would work for the type of honeymoon you’re planning or if you will need to have another style done for your honeymoon.

3) Despite the desires of others, be clear about what is right for you and be true to your own idea of how you envision yourself on your great day.

4) Give yourself plenty of time to have your hair done right. Try not to have too many other things crammed into the day that you are having your hair done. It’s a day for pampering so have everything else handled by others and go to your hair appointment relaxed and willing to give yourself over to the experience of having a professional serve you royally.

5) Don’t allow anyone to stress you. You are always in control of how you handle and respond to any situation. Determine that your day is sacred and be in that sacred frame of mind when handling others. Enjoy the process of planning for your wedding and your big day.

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Thank you Anu for your advice. My two cents — don’t be afraid to try something different! I wore a beautiful copper wire and seed pearl tiara on my wedding day. When else are you going to be able to rock a tiara? Your wedding is a perfect day to go for a truly memorable accessory.

Which natural bride hairstyle is your favorite, bellas? Check out the bridal page on Khamit Kinks for even more inspiration!

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