I hope you caught a little of Mary J. Blige on HSN this weekend! The set was stunning, Mary was gorgeous, and it seems that everyone had an absolutely amazing time from what I’m seeing on the Carol’s Daughter FB page!

Carols Daughter Lisa Price Mary J. Blige

And I LOVED the responses from you all on the Carol’s Daughter and Mary J. Blige My Life Blossom and Monoi giveaway post, every comment was right on! Mary J. Blige’s music has been the soundtrack of so many of our lives and seeing her happy, living her dream – it’s such a beautiful thing!

This giveaway didn’t just inspire me, it also inspired one of my favorite DJ’s — that’d be DJ Diva, the Mixtress! She loved the idea of the Carol’s Daughter/Mary J. Blige giveaway SO much that she made a special mixtape JUST FOR YOU!

Afrobella Mary J Blige Mix by DJDiva

I’m seriously LOVING this mix, so chock full of Mary’s greatest hits! I’m jamming out to this all day.

And without further ado, the winners of the Carol’s Daughter giveaway are:



Briana McCarthy

Nappturally Stephers


Thank you all for entering, and thanks to Carol’s Daughter for their generosity and general awesomeness.

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