If you look around online, you’ll find inspirational photos of natural haired brides on the best natural hair sites. Curly Nikki and Black Girl With Long Hair both offer regular photo features of natural bridal hairstyles, for ideal example. But every so often you’ll hear about a bride who isn’t down with natural hair at her wedding. I just read a blog post about that topic and it made me a little sad to realize that there is still a perception that natural hair isn’t as elegant, gorgeous or wedding-appropriate as straightened hair. I hope that this post — which includes jawdropping photos all with fabulous hair styles by my dear friend, natural hair expert Felicia Leatherwood — helps to dispel such perceptions.

Take it away, Felicia!

natural hair styles

Something about being a new bride and preparing for your special day can be a little nerve wracking! Everything can be set in place. But what do you do with your natural hair? There are many options. Natural styles can be created with just a simple twist or braid, or you can just “let your fro go!”

Tips for your natural hair , so you will be prepared on your special day:

1) Be sure you deep condition you hair at least 3-4 days before your Special Day. That way your hairstyle will cooperate with you and your curls will have time to settle. Natural hairstyles usually look their best on the 3 & 4th day!

2) Make sure you’ve had time to explore and find the right style for your face shape, bridal dress and head dress (if you choose to wear one). You should take a photo to your hairstylist and have them try it on you before hand, so you won’t have any surprises the day of!

3) Make sure you pick a style that goes from day to evening time and a style that will fit with any thing you choose to wear.

4) Please be sure to drink plenty of water as soon as you start planning your wedding. That will ensure that your, hair, scalp & skin has proper moisture and will give your hair a nice silky shiny look for your special day.

Here are some natural brides sporting their natural fros and head dresses that will make you the center of attraction on your special day!

natural hair bride

natural hairstyle

Classic Bun

Products used: Shea Moisture’s Hair Smoothie and Hold & Shine Mist and hair pins. For more face, neckline and jawline angles, do a updo or and pulled back bun to show off your features and bring more attention to your head dress and wedding gown.

*Styling by: Misty Cassesus
*Make-up: Nikki Star
*Hair by: Felicia Leatherwood
*Photographer: Inez Lewis
Gown by: Bride Culture by Natasha Ofili
Jacket by: Lanvin for H&M
Bird Cage Veil by: Tessa Kim
Model: Kendall Keith

locs bride wedding

bride with locs

Updo Loc’s Bow

When wearing a plunging neckline dress, consider putting your hair up. It creates a romantic look and feel to your dress. Pull your loc’s into a ponytail and then divide it into 4 even sections. Take the first few locs and twist them into a fold that can be secured with large and medium bobby & hair pins. Follow the second section and intertwine and twist that section around the ponytail and thru the loop of the first section. Secure with hair pins. Continue with the next 2 sections until you have secured each section of the ponytail down. Then you can add accessories to your updo. (head dresses, beautiful clips, rhinestones, etc.)

Products used:
Oyinhandmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade, Greg Juice, Shine & Define Styling Serum, medium & large hair pins(open and close hair pins)

Gown designed by: Bride Culture by Natasha Ofili
Hair accessory by : Tessa Kim
Model Sharae Nikai Robinson

natural bridesmaid

natural hair bridesmaid

Bang Bun

Twist the hair forward and tuck under to create a Bang Bun. Secure with small hair pins. You can also add a beautiful diamond clip as long as it doesn’t over power your dress!

Products used:
Jane Carter’s Curly Defining Cream & Natural Holding Spray

Black Dress by Christell Designs & Purple Dress by Christiane King
Models: Kendall Keith & Sharae Nikai Robinson

natural bride

Classic Fold & Tuck Style

What you’ll need: Rat Tail Comb, Hair Pins & Holding Spray
After using a heat protectant to blow your hair out (product suggestion – Koils by Nature’s Shealoe Leave-In) use the end of a rat tail comb to do a clean 1 inch part from left to right. Take the first section and fold it under, then secure the fold with med. size bobby pins. go on to the next section until you reach the front. You should end up with about 6-7 folds and tucks. Finish with a natural holding spray.

Products used:
Jane Carter’s Nourish & Shine Dry Hair & Skin Butter & Natural Holding Spray
Bridal Dress Designed by: Bride Culture by Natasha Ofili
Headdress by: Tessa Kim
Model: Rinny Perkins

natural hair bride

Front Fro Ponytail

Keep it natural and add flair by blowing out your natural hair and making a frontal fro ponytail with it. You can accessorize it with flowers, bows or lace netting.

Bridal Dress Designed by: Sharazi Bridal Couture
Head piece by: Tessa Kim
Model: Ayana Hampton

natural bridesmaids

Front Fro Ponytail, Bang Bun, Fold & Tuck

Bridesmaids dresses by:
Lanvin for H&M
Christelle Designs

Thank you for being awesome, Felicia!! Bellas, don’t forget to follow Felicia Leatherwood on Twitter and like her Facebook page to find out when her popular Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop is coming to your town!



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