I don’t know if there’s a day that goes by, that I don’t get a press release or info, or request for advertising or sponsorship, or even unsolicited product mailed to me…intended for readers with relaxed or straight hair. I get info about wigs and weaves and flat irons and products to make hair straight by any means necessary. I choose not to write about any of it, because my blog is called AFRObella and it’s always been about celebrating natural beauty.

But I know that I have many readers who wear their hair straight, and I’ve heard from readers who say they sometimes feel excluded, because of my choice to focus on natural, kinky, curly, coily hair. Hence this informal poll.

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My mother, my sister, my aunts…they all choose to wear their hair relaxed, and we have learned over time not to judge each other’s hair choices. At times I’ve realized that I have come across as preachy on the topic of natural hair while in conversation with them, so I’ve even cut back on talking about hair. I might offer some advice if they complain to me about breakage, or ask about a gentle product that might work for their texture. My relatives all read my blog and love my blog, despite the fact that I exclude them in terms of my hair coverage.

I know many natural haired women who use heat to straighten their hair. Who use weaves in their protective styles. Who love a good wig from time to time. Who are proud of their hair’s health as they wear it in a straight style. And it makes me feel sad to hear from readers who tell me that they feel excluded or judged when they read my blog. I never want to be divisive or hurtful to anyone.

When I don’t know how to respond to something or how to answer a question, I prefer to defer to an expert. So my question is – how would Afrobella readers feel, if there was a resident natural but straight hair expert who occasionally posted here on the site about topics like wigs and heat straightening? I’d be looking for a contributor who could speak to safe, smart ways to protect your hair while you wear it in straight styles — with an emphasis on healthy hair, always.

For now this is just an idea. I just wanted to put it out there, to see what your thoughts would be, because your opinions matter to me the most!

With love,

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