If you’re like me, you love to care for your hair. Shampooing, conditioning, and detangling. And then there’s body care. Body scrubs, body washes, shaving gels and the general detritus of skin cells. If you’re like me, you might have a reputation for clogging drains.

My husband is SO OVER IT. And so am I. But I can’t help it! Naturally kinky, coily hair just tends to clog up a shower drain like nobody’s business. And so does straight hair, curly hair – if you’re a woman with a substantial head of hair, you might be like me. Doesn’t even matter the texture.

I have used just about every kind of chemical drain declogger on the market. They tend to be expensive, and some can be downright ineffective (after all, that’s how they get you to buy more, right?) When times got lean I learned how to make vinegar bombs to clear out the sludge. But even that doesn’t work as perfectly as I’d like to, sometimes.

Then I found an item that works ALL THE TIME. It’s pretty much the perfect drain declogger. Bellas, let me introduce you to the Zip-It.

Zip-It drain cleaner for natural curly hair

zipitclean.com, baby!

Now here’s the thing. The Zip-It is different from other drain cleaners, because it’s manual. It’s a long plastic doohickey you stick down your drain as far down as you can, and then you pull it back out, oooooh chile. Let me prepare you for what you may behold.

With a chemical drain cleaner you never actually come into contact with your shower sludge, or clumps of hair. But with the Zip-It, you are literally pulling this stuff out of your shower drain manually, so for the love of Pete make sure you’re right next to your toilet or bathroom trash can. Because if you’re like me and you’d rather not touch this stuff, it’s the only way to avoid having to do so. It gets gross, it gets real – but it works like nothing else ever has.

I paid $2.50 or thereabouts for my Zip-It, and already it’s saved me like ten bucks on regular chemical drain cleaners. Because it’s plastic and so durable, it’s gonna last for a really long time. Trust and believe, the Zip-It is awesome, and it could make for a really useful stocking stuffer for your natural, curly haired girlfriends over the holidays. So glad I bought it!

Have you tried the Zip-It? Are you good for clogging the shower drain, like I am? Talk to me, bellas!

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