Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday! When Will YOU be shopping?

After the turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie, the mashed potatoes gravy and cranberry sauce woooooooo! — then it’s time for the REAL holiday weekend action to begin. The shopping till you drop. The waking up at 2 am to stand in line at **insert store here.** The running around town to get the perfect present on your list. There are three major shopping events coming up super soon, and which one you choose to participate in entirely depends on what you’re trying to buy, and what your general demeanor is.

If you’re able to deal with large, crazy crowds and looking for big ticket items, I suggest you put yourself through Black Friday. If you’ve ever done it you know it’s not fun, but if you’re looking for big ticket electronics, furniture items, or high end home goods, it’s worth it to wake up early and get in line. But be forewarned — it’s always best to do your research and know what you’re looking for on Black Friday. It’s not a time to amble through the aisles or try things on. It’s a time to run in, grab your item before anyone else does, and get home before traffic becomes too crazy.

Cyber Monday is GREAT for Christmas shopping and shopping for yourself — for me it’s all about the clothes, and there are amazing deals on clothes and shoes and beauty items online for Cyber Monday. PLUS you can have your items gift wrapped and automatically shipped to your family and friends, so WIN!

This year I’m super excited to participate in Small Business Saturday — click here to like them on Facebook! a relatively new initative meant to support local businesses and build both the economy and the community. I am SO GEEKED. Small Business Saturday is in its second year, and you can click here to “Pledge to Shop Small” on Nov 26th. American Express is supporting the initiative, and yours truly was sent a special gift card to find cool, only in Chicago items at my favorite local shops.

There’s a handy guide to specially selected small businesses on the Shop Small Facebook page — the direct link for Chicago’s businesses selected by super cool magazine Paper can be found here! There are some AMAZING local boutiques and restaurants and niche stores on the Paper list — shoutout to Greer Chicago!! One of my favorite local blogs, Chitown Fashionista, also came up with a great list of local suggestions — check out her list on Chicago Like a Local!

I too, have a list of Chicago small businesses I plan to support on Small Business Saturday!

I plan to head out to Michigan Avenue south of Roosevelt — there’s a super cool sneaker boutique called Succezz that has a great selection and decent prices on kicks. Nearby there’s a boutique called House of Sole that I need to check out – there’s always cute stuff in their window and recently when I asked a woman on the street about her adorable hat, she told me she’d bought it there.

Succezz the store - pretty cool, no?

It’s definitely knitwear and scarf season, and I adore the cowls and circle scarves made by Ladieloops — her boutique is in a big, awesome building at 2150 S. Canalport that is home to MANY up and coming designers, artists, hairstylists and makeup artists — definitely a great place to wander through and support on Small Business Saturday!

I have this Ladieloops scarf and I love it!

I definitely plan to head out to Andersonville to Presence, a cool boutique that sells everything from clothing to accessories to cool gift items like notebooks and stationary and random stuff you didn’t know you needed (but totally did).

Cool beaded clutches at Presence!

There are some amazing Chicago-based jewelers, so while I explore boutiques, I’ll keep my eye out for unique pieces by Jasmin Mitchell, Kreative Soul by Pilar, Jules or K Fleye.

LOVE this Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry necklace!

And before I call it a day I’ll stop by Three Peas Art Lounge for a cocktail and a cupcake, and see if I can squeeze in a manicure at my fave salon The Nail Social.

That’s how I plan to spend Small Business Saturday, thanks to American Express! What about you? Do you like the idea? Which small businesses do you plan to support?

And if YOU own a small business, please feel free to shout yourself out in the comments!!

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  1. Thanks so much Bella! You’re awesome! xoxoxo

  2. Greetings Bellas, The Natural Hair Love Affair Black Friday Weekend Goodies are HAIR! Complement your lifestyle with these fun, unique and fab natural hair gifts! Free Goodies, Free Gifts, Hair-Raising Deals! Hair’s to you & your fav Naturalista on your gift list!

  3. Afrobella,

    Thanks so much for the small business love! LadieLoops is my heart and I appreciate you sharing her with your readers.

  4. This post and the whole concept of a speacial day to support Small Businesses across America is very positive and should reap many benefits. Happy Thanksgiving and may all enjoy not only the Day but the shopping days after!

  5. Thanks so much for shouting out us little guys! We appreciate the homegrown support<3

  6. K Fleye is my sister aakofii’s friend I think! I think I met her before too! For awesome jewelry you can also check out my sister’s website:

    Also the Huffington Post lists 35 black owned etsy vendors to shop with here:

    I’ll definitely check out your recommendations.. I got my eyes on right now ;)

  7. I want to thank you for bringing my attention to Small Business Saturday. This is my first time hearing about it. Although, I have to admit my family and I have recently made a tradition of the “After Christmas” sales. The prices are rock bottom because they know everyone is pretty much tapped out, and my brother and I are all grown up so we don’t need gifts neatly wrapped by “Santa” on Christmas day.

  8. Thank you for highlighting small business saturday!

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