It’s so easy to look at life and see the flaws and downsides and failures and disappointments. But today isn’t about that. Today is about the positive. The good stuff. The successes and the blessings. Family, friends, health, love. Celebrating the things in life that you are most thankful for. This year I have SO MUCH to celebrate. SO MUCH to be thankful for.

I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but it’s become a favorite holiday tradition through the years. Being an immigrant college student during Thanksgiving is no fun, so I send special love to the students having turkey with fellow students you don’t know so well, or your Resident Assistant. I was once where you are.

Today my husband and I are making a feast at home, expecting friends over for food and fun, and toasting to the wonderful events over the past year. This weekend we’re going shopping and partying with old friends from high school and college who have grown up with us. So much to be thankful for.

I love this song by William Devaughn. It says everything I’m trying to say about today.

No TV antenna in the back? Car photo via

Even though I’m still not driving a great big Cadillac, I’m very thankful. For my husband and my family and my friends both new and old. For this wonderful career I’ve created for myself. And I am especially thankful for you. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting what I do in all the ways that you do. I am so thankful for you.

Love and happiness to everyone reading this, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!



pets says:
November 24, 2011, 4:03 pm
Afrobella, I appreciate your hard work done on this blog and wish you, your family and readers a wonderful Thansgiving today but also every day of the year.
Stephanie says:
November 24, 2011, 5:20 pm
Thank you Bella, for continuing to be a inspiration to fellow bloggers like myself, I am wishing you and yours the best..... "Diamond in the back, sun roof top, diggin the scene with a gangsta lean wooo oooooo!"
Glamamom says:
November 25, 2011, 12:22 am
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful to have met you this year :)
jazjewelz says:
November 25, 2011, 4:46 pm
I'm thankful for all of the new friends and connections I've made this year. And so grateful for you and your support! And Be Thankful is one of my fave songs!
crystal g. says:
November 25, 2011, 5:20 pm
Beautiful post. Had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with family; enjoyed the presence of each and everyone of them- this is why its my favorite holiday.
foodfashionandflow says:
November 26, 2011, 6:58 pm
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I love that song too! In fact, when I saw the photo, I started singing the song before I even finished reading the post:-)
Rubi Girl says:
November 27, 2011, 1:14 pm
Thank You so much for sharing your Thanksgiving with us. You're right this is a time to focus on our blessings. Many times I focus on what I don't have. I have grown and this thanksgiving is a reminder that my blessings are abundant. :)
Dannica says:
December 1, 2011, 1:22 pm
I loved this article so much, you do so well!


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