There comes a time where you have to admit….you can’t do EVERYTHING on your own. So I’m turning to you! Bellas, I’m looking for TWO interns with very specific skills.

#1 – I need a research intern. Someone who can transcribe celebrity interviews within a 72-hour turnaround. Someone who can send back information about any topic I’ve asked them to research within a week or so.

#2 – I need a video intern. Preferably a student or up and coming blogger who wants exposure and is talented with editing and creating YouTube clips from audio and photographs. Someone who can follow direction, offer artistic insight, and turn around a project quickly, who really wants to build their resume and is available to work on fun, distinctive projects.

I’ve got some very exciting projects in the pipeline and could use some immediate assistance.

My ideal candidate is a young, up and coming blogger with a genuine interest in writing or producing online video content. At present this is an unpaid position, but I will send you products and do my best to get your name out there. If this sounds like something you’re interested in – please e mail me with clips of a few things you’ve worked on.

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