If you have a professional makeup artist in your life, consider yourself BLESSED, bellas. Professional MUAs work so hard for the money. The makeup artists I know and respect take their craft SO seriously. They will spend all day on their feet at a shoot to get the right look. They sometimes have to sacrifice time with their friends and family in order to pay the bills. It can be a glamorous life but don’t be fooled — it’s hard work!

Makeup artists can sometimes seem hard to shop for. What do you buy the makeup artist in your life, for Christmas? If you’re a professional MUA, what do you need or want as a present to further your craft? I turned to Afrobella’s resident makeup artist, the one and only Meagan Shea, for an ultimate holiday guide for the professional makeup artist.

Take it away, Meagan Shea!!

Hello Bellas! Happy Holidays! It’s the time of the year to give gifts to your loved ones, and maybe even people you share a cubicle with. It is also the time to receive gifts, which we ALL love. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love to get gifts – especially during the holiday season? I’ve decided to give you bellas a glimpse into the wishlist of a makeup artist. The desires of my heart for this holiday, with hopes that Santa Claus himself will read this. He knows I’ve been nice and not naughty, right?

photo courtesy of therapup.net

I have two lists. One is all about work, things I need and/or want to ensure I continue to do my job effectively (I’m good at making this seem like it’s not about getting gifts, right? HA!). The other list is focused on relaxation and pampering. People seem to think being a makeup artist is easy work… WRONG! It’s strain on your back, feet, knees, patience and then some. Often, as women we fail to find the time to take care of ourselves. It’s time to take our lives back (from who I don’t know, but we need to get it back. LOL)!

Enjoy! Even if you don’t have a makeup artist to share with this season maybe you’ll see something that you like for yourself, or your momma, your cousin, your mail lady, your hair stylist – SOMEBODY!

Most makeup artists will agree with me when I say that you can never have too many brushes. It’s always good to have duplicates, extras and a few sets. By doing this you give yourself options. I’m a woman who appreciates having options, ya know? πŸ™‚ I love MAC brushes – they are awesome! However, the full set is a whopping $1065.50!!! THERE’S NO WAY – well maybe over time, but not in one sitting. I’d rather go on vacation!

I am BIG fan of bdelliumtools, they are based out of a city very close to where I grew up. Our high school football teams were rivals (GO BUCS!!!). I support local business – all the way! Here’s a 24 piece brush set for $148.50. That’s a GREAT deal, mainly because the brushes are really made well. The quality of the brushes are amazing & their brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles. That’s totally AWESOME, right?

bdellium tools brush set for the Studio Line

I love this holiday set from Royal & Langnickel as well. This one is $90 and it’s a 12 piece set that comes with a FREE (YES I SAID FREE!) promo gift! It comes with a free retractable brush set – I want that for myself!

Royal & Langnickel Holiday Set

Of course as an artist we need something to tote our magical secrets around in. I have had such “interesting” experiences traveling with my makeup in tow, that I know it’s a lot easier when things are compartmentalized securely. With the Zuca Pro you won’t have to worry about your kit being a hot mess when you open your bag, not to mention it also can be used as a seat! That’s awesome, TRUST ME – IT IS REALLY AWESOME! The Zuca Pro is $295 and believe me when I say the artist in your life will be VERY pleased with their gift.

Zuca Pro in Midnight Blue & Black

GlamCor has a lighting set that would come in really handy on set. Sometimes, you’re placed in an unexpected situation and the lighting on the set (whether on location or in a studio) may not be great for – let’s say, “doing your best”. This light set is amazing because it keeps all colors true and it cools down immediately, which is great for packing up and going home! The lighting set is on sale right now for $250, go have at it!

GlamCor Classic Light Kit

The RCMA foundation palettes are a staple for artists. They last forever, have very full coverage and a wide array of colors. They are great for mixing and even have a foundation thinner to sheer them out if you’re not looking for heavy coverage. They are small, easy to tote around and blend well. The most popular palettes are the Shinto and the KO palette, each at $215.99 (HERE) – although I found them for $195 (HERE). YAY FOR BUDGET SHOPPING!

RCMA Shinto palette

An airbrush machine will make any artists’ life easier, as it will make the application process a lot more flawless and quick. I asked a few of my makeup sistren and according to them the top two airbrush systems are made by Kett Cosmetics for $467 and TEMPTU for $435. I found that both brands have an introductory kit which is great to start out. The TEMPTU kit is sold out on their website, but I found it on AMAZON for over $20 LESS!!! It’s $411.26 on Amazon – go scoop it up!

Kett Cosmetics Intro Airbrush System

TEMPTU Intro Airbrush System

Are you just looking for a stocking stuffer? Maybe something a wee bit smaller? Try the En’Kore finger palette! It’s only $10 & is adorable! It’s awesome for mixing concealer, lip colors, pigments – and did I mention it was ADORABLE! I can tell you firsthand, it can be messy and annoying to mix things on the back of your hand all the time. I have ruined many blouses and smudged colors on my own face. NOT WINNING! LOL I also heard through the grapevine that En’Kore will be releasing a “cuff’lette” – a palette that you can wear on your wrist for mixing! LOVE IT!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on that when it hits the public.

En’Kore Finger Palette

Now onto goodies for self care. This is important. VERY VERY IMPORTANT. This is actually when I really need Santa to tune into Afrobella. First artists’ are standing for long periods of time. Some of them do it in stilettos & super high heels. I commend them. I would love a pair of Dankso Professional Clogs! I’ve heard they are great. I want a pair, and it’s that simple. I like these blue ones. Of course they aren’t super duper haute couture, but I’m okay with myself. I’ll rock them, with joy! They are $135 and I’m sure they are that price for a reason. If they’re good enough for a nurse, I’m sure they’ll work for me. Although I secretly like the way they look. LOL

Dansko Professional Clogs in Blue Patent Leather

ALL makeup artists should have a digital camera! We need them to snap behind the scenes shots of our work, and create videos. If you’re going to get one, may as well get a cute one that gets GREAT reviews. I like the Nikon Cool Pix S9100 in RED. This camera is listed for many prices, however I found it for $279.95. Even if you aren’t a makeup artist, you should get this camera – it’s AWESOME. Did I mention it was really cute?

Nikon Cool Pix S9100 in Red

This gift I’ve been eyeing for YEARS! It’s the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush and it works WONDERS! This is another one of those gifts that no matter WHAT you do for a living, you should own. It made this list because makeup artists usually wear makeup regularly (some wear more than others) and we have to make sure we are caring for our skin properly and thoroughly. This tool will make that so much easier, there’s no excuse to not wash every ounce of makeup off of your face. It also exfoliates the skin on your face (removing dead skin cells and allowing skin to breathe), reduces pore size, and it feels great when you clean your face. The Clarisonic is a little pricey (the original system is $195, however the “Mia” which I’ve included a link to is only $119), but if you use it just ONE time – YOU WILL BE HOOKED! It’s an investment and we should all invest in our beauty.

Clarisonic Mia Limited Edition Colors

Another really cool gift for the artist in your life (or yourself) is an Apple Ipad 2. I really don’t need to say much about this, we all know they are amazing. It’s great for artists’, because it’s quick and easy way to share our portfolios with others right on the spot. It could be the link to an amazing job or connection if the other party can see your work immediately. Think about it. They start at $499 and are worth every penny.

Apple Ipad 2

Lastly, if you’re just looking for a quick gift that will help your favorite artist to relax and find a way to pamper themselves, check this gift basket out. I actually want one of these myself. I LOVE fresh lavender scented bath products and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to be pampered. Lavender will relax the mind and really helps you to have a peaceful nights sleep. Art of Appreciation sells this basket for $69 and you get so much stuff! It’s a great gift idea, for anyone (as long as they don’t have any health issues that would be affected by certain essential oils).

Art of Appreciation Lavender Aromatherapy Gift Basket

Anyone and everyone will benefit from this gift. A gift certificate to a local spa for some hands on pampering. Sometimes, you just have to do this for yourself. After receiving spa services (facial, pedicure, manicure, or massage) you just feel so rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Or take a nap, then take on the world. If you aren’t sure where to go or which spa to choose, you can always go to SpaWeek.com and get a gift certificate that allows the person you’re purchasing it for select their own spa. How cool is that! If you don’t like any of these gift ideas, just get the makeup artist close to you a week long vacation to a Caribbean island. I mean, I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate that too. Ha! πŸ™‚

Bellas, enjoy the rest of your holiday! If you guys purchase or receive any of these gifts, PLEASE stop back and let me know how you like them. Oh and if you see Santa, let him know what I’m asking for this year. I haven’t seen him yet, they returned the letter I sent him and he won’t answer my text messages! I promise I’ve been a good girl this year… *wink* Remember to try something new, you never know what you’ll like until you try it! If it’s makeup, it’ll wash off. πŸ™‚



Nichelle says:
December 17, 2011, 5:00 pm
Love it!
Lily says:
December 17, 2011, 5:28 pm
What a beautiful post filled with so many unthinkable items that a MUA would need.
Mia says:
December 17, 2011, 7:36 pm
This list is awesome. It's filled with amazing products. I saw lots of things that I want for myself. Keep these great posts coming!
Julianne Chai says:
December 21, 2011, 1:32 pm
Great list!! I totally want the GlamCor lights!!!
meagan says:
December 21, 2011, 11:35 pm
Thanks Nichelle!!! :)
meagan says:
December 21, 2011, 11:43 pm
Why thank you Lily!!! :) I hope Santa sees this and decides I was a good enough girl to send some of this stuff my way! LOL
meagan says:
December 21, 2011, 11:44 pm
Thank you Mia!!! :) Make sure you keep reading & I'll be sure to keep them coming! :)
meagan says:
December 21, 2011, 11:47 pm
Julianne, I want all of this stuff! WHERE'S SANTA WHEN I NEED HIM??? LOL :)
Valencia says:
December 14, 2013, 10:58 am
Great post. Was trying to remember all the items my friend mentioned that she wanted and this article helped me remember everything. Thanks so much