Portrait of Trinidad – Gran Couva

While I’m at home visiting my family, I’d love to share a few photos from my visit to Trinidad! Epic posts to come when I am back in the USA. For now, enjoy!

Gran Couva, Trinidad

Today my family visited a 100+ year old cocoa plantation in Gran Couva, Trinidad. It was so amazing and so cool to see exactly how the world’s best chocolate is made! Epic post and lots of photos to come!

I’m standing on cocoa beans!

The title of this post is inspired by a classic calypso by The Mighty Sniper.

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  1. Have fun looks relaxing!

  2. And to eat the cocoa from the pod is amazing! Continue to enjoy your Trinidad stay and should you get to Tobago I hope to see some of your Tobago posts as well.

  3. Im hitting Trinidad mid feb.2012 for some Carnival Spirits and Zencation. Also planing to do some hiking and eco tour. This plantation looks like a good idea to catch up on some historic knowledge. thanks for sharing Afro Bella.

    light peace and happiness,
    from a carib sista( Afro Reina)

  4. Thanks for sharing this is wonderful!

  5. Looks like a great trip. Enjoy the time with your family and eat 2 aloo pie for me!!

  6. Did you get a chance to dance some cocoa? Enjoy your time home.

  7. looks amazing! have fun!

  8. warrior11209 says:

    Seeing your pictures reminded me that I am long overdue a visit to Trinidad- one of my most favorite places on earth.
    Enjoy your visit with your fam!!

  9. Dad and Mom says:

    Great having you home, albeit, for too short a time.
    We really enjoyed sharing some special moments with you and Stephen.
    Love always,
    Dad and Mom

  10. Looks beautiful in Trinidad! I sooo want to visit one day! You look fabulous Afrobella!

  11. One of the events on my bucket list is Trini Carnival, actually it’s almost that time! I would not be able to wait to sink my teeth into almost-melt-in-your-mouth roti! Mmmmmmmmm….

  12. …oh how ah love up meh countryyyyyy! lol

  13. Where exactly is this estate in Gran Couva located, and what is the name? I am heading there next month, and i am in the process of planning my agenda and would like to visit some historical sites, and this estate peeked my interest. Thanks Ann

  14. Its wonderful to know that you have kept those childhood memories and they are so rich in your life even at present. Keep Trinidad’s culture and its presence in all you do. Proud of you and keep our Trinbagonian’s flag flying high!!!

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