The New York Times just did a lovely little piece on products brought back by popular demand. Social Media Breathes Life Into Shelved Products featured the stories of women who have been stockpiling their favorite products via Amazon and Ebay, and the brands who are bringing their most popular products back according to Twitter and Facebook demand. I learned about a few brands I didn’t know about, and I love hearing about stuff like this because it turns me on to cult favorite products — for example, the Erno Laszlo powders that I’ve apparently been sleeping on and Lush’s All That Jas bath bomb which sounds absolutely DIVINE. I am a fool for anything jasmine!

Allow me to share a few of my actual favorite products I’ve tried, that have been brought back to life!

Carol’s Daughter Ocean has always been that refreshing, enticing kind of fragrance that your man loves to smell on you – and your man might also not mind using himself! Ocean is just as fresh and as clean clean, and I’ve always loved it. Now by popular demand, Ocean is back on HSN. My husband loves the body cleansing gel, and I adore the dry oil mist, which makes my legs and décolleté all gleamy and fabulous and fragranced with water lily, lavender, and blue marine. If you need an Ocean fix, check out the Ocean Bath and Body Indulgence Set, $39.90 for double the body cleansing gels and body creams (so a one-for-you, one-for-mom situation could work perfectly!)


Remember when Estee Lauder shut down Prescriptives in 2009, to much weeping, moaning and gnashing of teeth? Well there’s no need to cry into your last hoarded jar of Comfort Cream in 2012, bella – Prescriptives was “refreshed” in 2011 and you can get ALL your favorites at  Yes, custom blending and all!


MAC puts out SO many collections a year that I have a super hard time keeping up with them, but despite all of the new hotness they bring forth, certain colors remain the most beloved in fashion capitals around the world. Rebel in New York, Russian Red in Dubai, Snob in Sao Paulo, Saint Germain in Tokyo, Morange in Paris. (So apparently I’m a New York, Paris kind of woman! Wonder what Chicago’s favorite color would be? Or Port of Spain, Trinidad?) To celebrate their most popular colors in these major global cities, MAC Fashion Sets is here, with trios of lipstick, lipglass, and nail lacquer to satisfy the matchy-matchiest among us. For my brown skinned bellas I’d recommend you check out the Europe and Africa set or the Latin America Middle East set, that’s where my fave colors (like Rebel Morange and Girl About Town) were.



Talk about using Facebook wisely. Bobbi Brown’s Bobbi Brings Back program used Facebook to crowdsource fans for their absolute favorite Bobbi Brown lippies. And now, they’re back! Fans voted for the return of Blush, Tulip, Clove, Tulle Brown, Wine and Scarlet. And according to In Style, the Bobbi Brings Back campaign wasn’t just a one-off thing for lipsticks, future campaigns will include cult favorite eyeshadows and blushes.


Just the other day I had a long, warm, affectionate conversation with an older black woman about Fashion Fair. “I remember that was the first lipstick I ever had. What happened to Fashion Fair?” Well to her and to anyone who’s ever wondered – first of all, Fashion Fair never went anywhere. And second of all, the brand is about to come back in a major way thanks to creative director Sam Fine. Sam is currently touring the nation on the Fashion Fair Truly Treasured Tour, – click that link to see if he’s coming to a city near you. He’ll be in Chicago in June!



Sam will be highlighting Fashion Fair’s delicious collection of plum and rose colored cosmetics. Click here to check out Truly Treasured. You see that Grapesicle lipstick? I need it! We have a DATE with DESTINY.


** edited at 7:30 am — so this post went live and my friend Audarshia on Twitter says BRING BACK VINCENT LONGO! Which reminds me! I FORGOT to mention that Vincent Longo is BACK and you can buy products on HSN! MY BAD.

In March the esteemed artist and founder of his own awesome product line brought his beloved Water Canvas™ Base Primer, Velour Pressed Powder, 1-2-3 Trio Eyeshadow and Perfect Shine Lip Gloss back on HSN. And MY fave Vincent Longo product, the gel lip stain, is back as part of a lip and cheek stain set. Photo via Bellasugar’s article fittingly titled Vincent Longo Cosmetics Set to Make a Comeback.

Those are some of my fave products that are back on the block! Did you see any old, new favorites?


BK says:
May 7, 2012, 7:54 am
this is absolutely fantastic news!!!!
Nellie says:
May 7, 2012, 8:03 am
Wow! The mac sets are so awesome :) Thanks for the recommendations!!
Mickey says:
May 7, 2012, 2:10 pm
I rediscovered Fashion Fair just last week. It felt good to be able to find a foundation that worked on the first try.
Nicole Evans says:
May 7, 2012, 4:20 pm
Love that these companies are paying attention to what people want!
crystal g. says:
May 7, 2012, 5:36 pm
I thought I was going to see 'All My Purple Life' at the end of this post as a surprise comeback ;-D. This is a great post though- I really did miss the ocean collection by Carol's Daughter!
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