Hosting a giveaway can be tedious for a blogger, but when the entries are engaging and you truly know you’re doing something wonderful for your readers, it’s totally worth it! The entries on the Cara B giveaway were so beautiful and heartwarming and touching. Thank you all for sharing your stories and inspiring me so much!

I asked the good folks at Cara B to judge the winner of their contest because I had such a hard time choosing, and the gift basket officially goes to Deborah. What was her response?

First and foremost I make sure to hug my son everyday. My biggest worry when he was born was how can I take care of a new baby now that I’m in a wheelchair? God let me know that I could do it with my family’s love and support. I drove him where he needed to go when he was young and I recently bought him a bicycle so that he can exercise regularly. We changed our S.A.D. to one of a mostly raw and vegan diet- he eats meat when he’s away from home but hey no fast food at home. We cut out soda and drink mostly water and we juice regularly and when I realized that a particular religion was stunting his growth emotionally we left and now he’s thriving in a better spiritual environment. He receives a regular allowance so he can learn how to save for the things he wants and to be fiscally responsible. The greatest thing I continue to do to show love for my son is to love myself and when I make a mistake be quick to apologize. Thank you for this opportunity.

Thank YOU, Deborah! I’ll be in touch to get your address for our friends at Cara B ASAP!

Have you seen the newest video from Cara B? It is SO ADORABLE! Behold, Bath Time. HOW CUTE are these triplets?!?

The concept behind the video is to showcase the loving everyday moments that parents share with their little ones, and to stress the need for all natural products – especially on newborns, babies and children, who are more susceptible to the harmful side effects of products containing harsh chemicals.


Thank you, Cara B for the great giveaway opportunity for Afrobella readers!

Bellas, you can visit Cara B’s official site here, or click here to follow them on Facebook or Twitter. And click here for their official YouTube channel, where more adorable vignettes are in store!


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May 28, 2012, 9:24 am
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May 28, 2012, 3:33 pm
How charming is that!