I’ve been in this beauty blogging game for six years, and in that time I’ve connected with SO many amazing women. Through our relationships online, we’ve forged lifelong bonds. And every year – twice a year if I’m lucky – all of us come together and have what feels like an epic high school reunion bash. It’s called Cocktails and Couture, and it’s the annual party thrown by the one and only Lianne Farbes, AKA The Makeup Girl. And this year for the first time, instead of just attending as I always do, I was brought on as her special cohost. And we SHUT IT DOWN.


This is us, this year. Allow me to take you down memory lane just for a moment. Misty watercolored memories of the way we were.


This is from 2008, my first ever press trip (for Glam!) I was still at my day job at the time and this was the first time I met Lianne and Tia!


This is from 2009, the first incarnation of what became Cocktails and Couture! It’s like a who’s who of OG beauty bloggers in this photo – me, Lianne, Daneen of Spoiled Pretty, Andrea Arterbery of The Glamazons, Michelle Mismas of All Lacquered Up, Glambr AKA Amber of BBJ, Aly Walansky, Teri of Beautiful Makeup Search, Nadine Jolie…we go BACK!


In 2009, Lianne and I hosted a Chicago event together! It was an afterparty for The Makeup Show’s Artist Summit.


Also in 2009, I went to Cocktails and Couture in New York again – here I am with India Jewel Jackson, AKA DJ Belle du Jour, who’s still DJing the event to this day! If you’re not reading her awesome, fearless writing over at xoJane.com you are MISSING OUT.



These photos are from C&C in February! So YES – as you can see, figuratively and literally I go back a ways with Lianne and with her fabulous event. This year was an epic year for Cocktails and Couture, Lianne told me it was a record turnout and the venue was packed with SO many of our friends. It was truly a highlight for me!

Hang on, bellas – it’s about to get photo heavy up in here!



This year’s @CandCParty was presented by BlogHer, and guests were treated to makeup application and blowouts by Christo Fifth Ave, specialty cocktails by Hpnotiq, face and hand treatments by DDF Skincare,  and cool demonstrations by new beauty site Pampadour.com. There were raffle prizes by Hpnotiq, BlogHer (Target’s Sonia Kashuk & Clarisonic), Leonor Greyl, Talika, Patyka and Votre Vu.


That chick right there knows how to SHUT IT DOWN! Thanks to the music by DJ Belle De Jour, the party was SO much fun. I wish someone had video of my girls @Luvvie and @DopeGirlFresh doing the Kid N Play kickstep. Yep. That happened.


Here I am learning all about soon-to-be-launched beauty site, Pampadour. It’s like Pinterest but for beauty products exclusively. I love the concept!


Party time! Here I am greeting folks as they arrive – that’s the incredibly sweet and talented writer Nicole Blades!

Wait! Before I forget….


My makeup was done by a great artist – Nixie is a New York based makeup artist who works with LiSi Cosmetics, so I got to discover an amazing new makeup brand. Don’t sleep on LiSi, it is quality stuff! That makeup lasted all night through extreme heat conditions!


What am I wearing? I bought this dress at Eloquii here in Chicago – the amazing salesladies convinced me it was the one, and they convinced me to buy the bow belt, too. The necklace was given to me by incredible jewelry resource SadeeSays.com – it’s by Angels and Demons, their jewelry makes such a statement! And I’m OBSESSED with crystals these days. LOVE. THIS. PIECE.

I had such a great time at the party…but the venue was HOT! We were sizzling. So if you see photos of me with crazy sweaty makeup, that’s why. It happened! I was having fun!



Luckily these ladies from Christo Fifth Ave were on hand to touch up my situation. I needed them later on!


With the amazing Dina Fierro of Eye 4 Style – adore her!



How CUTE are Ty of Gorgeous in Grey and Carmen of Lipstick Fashion Mascara? Love these ladies!



Raijean of Swa-Rai blog looked SO cute. Reppin Chitown to the fullest!


Clearly I’m telling a crazy story…



Stacy Morrison of BlogHer, Lianne, and the lovely Aly Walansky, LOVE her spirit – she’s such a sweetheart!


SanTara of The Gorgeous Ingredient brought her husband, such a cool guy!



With Heather Park of NARS Cosmetics (one of my favorite people EVER) and Aly! Looking all dewy like we’re in an Enrique Iglesias video. All we needed was a blacklight!


Lianne and the gorgeous Felicia of This That Beauty, two of my fave people to party with!



Some of my favorite women in the whole world are in this photo. I’m with Thembisa Mshaka, Nicole Blades, Luvvie, Denitria Lewis of Chocolate Cake Radio, and Nichelle of Vintage Black Glamour!


Chescaleigh is everything! When I look at this photo, I can hear Luvvie’s voice. And she’s saying “Gurlllll…..”



Yes there are gorgeous bloggers in this photo. But it is ALL about Tafari Stevenson Howard’s photobomb, LOL! I love me some him. He is always cuttin’ up and making me laugh!


Christina Rice stays on point! Thanks for making sure everything at the party ran smoothly!



My boo Sherry Blossom looked gorgeous, AND won a raffle prize! And so did Curly Girl Lexi, LOVE her!


Every hour, we gave out a few raffle prizes. And after prizes, it was party time!


After too much dancing and kiki-ing, I needed a touch up and a little LOVE from my chica Meagan Shea!




My MAIN boos Deedee The Sassy Peach and Luvvie! LOVE these girls for LIFE!


I finally got to meet @RaeHolliday of Stuff Fly People Like! Here he is, with curvy model Chasity Saunders.


The people in this photo give me Twitter LIFE on a daily! That’s @TheXDExperience , @Crissles and @Bobtastiik!


IDK what these two are cackling about but I LOVE Danielle of Style N Beauty Doc and I LOVE this photo Smile



I wanted to dunk my whole face in here, I swear. I drank smartwater all night!


More raffles! The winners were SO HAPPY!


I got to meet the incredible Christo himself and he was lovely!



Owwwwww my homegirl for LIFE Kathryn Finney came to show us some LOVE. That’s her and Lianne, and then Alissa of StylishCurves, Cece of The Big Girl Blog, and us!!




Words can’t express how much I LOVE all of these women. BBRTW!



Sherry and Sharontina AKA @TyrasLilSis of The Runway Times giving FACE. And how meta – beauty bloggers taking photos of other beauty bloggers! That’s Sharontina snapping the gorgeous and sweet Mattie of Mattieology!


At the end of the night, it’s all about the giftbags! This is my homette Aliah Greene with hers. What’s inside?

Items from:

BlogHer (Media Sponsor)

Caravan Stylist Studio (Venue Sponsor)

Hpnotiq (Cocktail sponsor)




Christo Fifth Ave

Eden Body Works

Roc Skincare


LiSi Cosmetics

The Ultimate No No (book by Tamika Newhouse)

At the end of it all, Lianne and I were a little emotional – we worked hard and it was time to celebrate! Here’s to another AMAZING Cocktails and Couture!




You can check out the official Cocktails and Couture website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter @CandCParty. And Lianne Farbes is @LianneFarbes AKA @TheMakeupGirl – check out her website and her Facebook page!

Thank you EVERYONE who came out, showed love, and got down with us! Here’s looking forward to next NYFW!

All photos by Patrick Neree/Neree Photos.



Dee says:
September 13, 2012, 12:52 pm
Gurrrrrrl! Don't let that dress still be in the store here in VA...
Lisa says:
September 13, 2012, 3:01 pm
You certainly partied hard!
Tasha says:
September 14, 2012, 2:29 am
Hi Pat! Looks lovely! Is there anyway possible you can reach out to Kathryn and find out where she got those amazing glasses? I love them! I think I might have to ask her on twitter!
pets says:
September 14, 2012, 7:46 am
You ladies look like it was a blast! Love your dress and the necklace - great post!
Claire says:
October 10, 2012, 9:44 am
So sad I missed this! My five jobs during fashion week prevented me from going (I'm a true Caribbean). I'll be there with bells on for the next one. And you look gorgeous!!


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